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Top Final Fantasy XIV Devs Replaced, PS3 Version Delayed 89

After Final Fantasy XIV's troubled launch and subsequent attempt to placate angry fans, Square Enix has decided that the game's leadership needs to be replaced. They've asked players to patiently stick around until they're ready to unveil their new plans for the game, extending the free trial period to compensate. Square also announced bad news for PS3 owners who were still somehow interested in the game: "Regarding the PlayStation 3, it is not our wish to release a simple conversion of the Windows version in its current state, but rather an update that includes all the improvements we have planned. For that reason, we have made the difficult decision to delay the release of the PlayStation 3 version beyond the originally announced date of March 2011."
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Top Final Fantasy XIV Devs Replaced, PS3 Version Delayed

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  • by Tridus ( 79566 ) on Friday December 10, 2010 @09:18AM (#34513236) Homepage

    I was expecting a MMO on the PC to have a UI that's reasonably playable with a keyboard and mouse.

    Guess that expectation was off too. They should include a free Xbox 360 gamepad with every copy, since that raises the UI from "sucks donkey ass" to "sucks balls".

  • by Moraelin ( 679338 ) on Friday December 10, 2010 @09:33AM (#34513336) Journal

    MMO Quests are like orgasms:

    You may solo them, I prefer them in a group.

    (Well, normally I wouldn't answer to a sig, but it being in a thread about MMOs I figure it's on topic;)

    Aye, but some of us want it to be a loving and intimate relationship, not a quick gangbang with whatever 24 guys were available. Err... I mean... I'm not the kind of slut who'll give everyone a go for attention, you know?

    I mean, take my latest case from City Of Heroes. Classic story of boy tank meets girl healer, we seem to hit it off just nice, and soon I invite her to see my supervillain lair. And this time I don't mean mom's basement. They actually have lairs in the game. We hit it off just fine, then we change into spandex and are happily bumping uglies over the head. I mean zombies in the sewer. Can't get much uglier than those.

    And then she says, oh God, then she says, "let's bring 6 more guys, it will be FUN!" (Groups in COH have up to 8 members.) I mean, geesh, I'm not even demanding monogamy, but SIX MORE GUYS. It's like she's trying to tell me something. Like that I'm not enough for her. Geeze, it can make a guy awfully insecure, you know?

    So I get talked into it against my better judgment. I can tell she's having the time of her life, what with all those ranged DPS-ers all around her, while I'm not even getting a second look. Says that's her role. Yeah, right. More fun in a group my ass. Which reminds me, the only one paying me attention is the melee DPS-er. That guy is practically getting on top of me all the time. I wonder aloud about that guy's sexuality. He calls me weird. Hey, I'm not the one trying to get on top of another guy, buddy.

    So then we get to the big archvillain and he's this big and muscular guy, and I get thinking, "I bet HIS girlfriend doesn't ask for six more guys." And I'm in front of this guy as the tank, and everyone is looking at me and expecting me to perform for the big finale, and... oh god... I got performance anxiety and lost the erection. They eventually got the melee DPS-er to tank him.

    Made me feel like I wasn't a man any more, it did...

    So then next day I go to work, I come back and she's 10 levels higher. I figure she must have soloed it in the meantime. I'm no stranger to soloing an orgasm... err... quest or two myself, lemme tell you.

    I ask her what happened, she says, "ah, there were these 7 guys who needed a healer for the respec taskforce, and then we kinda went at it all afternoon." Geeze, like I was saying, I'm not even asking for monogamy, but SEVEN GUYS? And is it that much to ask that I at least be around?

    Fucking slut. I threw her out of the lair and changed the locks.

  • by jewens ( 993139 ) on Friday December 10, 2010 @10:41AM (#34513878)

    Does that mean that I can claim Final Post?

    Of course later I'll have to explain that all subsequent posts are due to consumer demand for more.

  • by ByOhTek ( 1181381 ) on Friday December 10, 2010 @10:58AM (#34514020) Journal

    If it makes you feel any better, it's even less playable with a controller.

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