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Verizon iPhone Could Double US Mobile Games Biz 115

donniebaseball23 writes "Earlier today, Verizon and Apple finally confirmed what everyone knew was coming: iPhone will soon launch on the Verizon network. The hugely popular iPhone has been a hit with gamers and game developers on the App Store, and by bringing the phone to the largest carrier in the US, the installed base suddenly could get much larger. The folks at social gaming network OpenFeint believe the Verizon iPhone impact could be immediately felt this year. 'The iPhone coming to Verizon is a highly anticipated event by the mobile gaming community,' said Peter Relan, chairman of OpenFeint. 'Adding 13 million more potential gamers on the iPhone is going to be a watershed moment for mobile gaming. I wouldn't be surprised if the US mobile gaming industry doubles in revenue this year because of this deal.'"
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Verizon iPhone Could Double US Mobile Games Biz

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  • by tuppe666 ( 904118 ) on Wednesday January 12, 2011 @04:05AM (#34845580)

    No one knows or cares what processor is in their phone as long as the interface is smooth. And iOS 4 is smooth as silk on that seven month old single core processor.

    For games, all that really matters is how well developers are targeting your platform. I'd say they're doing a pretty good job of targeting the iPhone 4.

    Lots of people care. Thats why they publish specifications, and put them on little labels next to phones. When the iPhone was a smartphone competing against feature phones it didn't matter - or phone with pinch and zoom...or the amount of applications that it had. It matters more because people are on contracts at Version and the iPhone is getting less attractive by the day. You have to remember that some of us have has the iPhone on Multiple carriers for a long time and still seen explosive growth of android.

  • by cerberusss ( 660701 ) on Wednesday January 12, 2011 @06:24AM (#34846196) Homepage Journal

    Here in The Netherlands, we had T-Mobile as the sole distributor of the iPhone. Since one or two months, the other carriers offer the iPhone as well. Problem is, they don't always specify what works and what doesn't. For example Vodafone doesn't offer Visual Voicemail. I think this is a very nice feature and if it's missing, this should be well-noted. Other carriers offer them with a very tight data limit, which makes watching Youtube and the evening news, or using Spotify, uninteresting.

    So I applaud the fact that this freaking phone is available but I'd suggest other slashdotters that they are careful and look at the whole package. And there's something else as well: there's a new iPhone expected around June. Wait a little bit for a discount, or get the latest model.

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