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Ancient Puzzle Gets New Lease on 'Geomagical' Life 73

techbeat writes "An ancient mathematical puzzle has found a new lease on life, reports New Scientist. The magic square is the basis for Sudoku, pops up on the back of a turtle in Chinese legend and provides a playful way to introduce children to arithmetic. But all this time it has been concealing a more complex geometrical form, says recreational mathematician Lee Sallows. He recently released dozens of examples of his 'geomagic squares' online. 'To come up with this after thousands of years of study of magic squares is pretty amazing,' blogged author Alex Bellos. Magic squares are used to help create codes for transmitting information and in the design of drug trials so geomagic ones may have real-world uses, says mathematician Peter Cameron. New Scientist has also put up a gallery of the geomagic squares."
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Ancient Puzzle Gets New Lease on 'Geomagical' Life

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday January 26, 2011 @07:47AM (#35006876)

    I went to the site to find out what geomagic squares are, but by the time I reached the end of the summary I completely lost interest.

    Oh no, not his writing style. Fucking idiot - look at his gallery, its actually very clever and not everyone can afford a writing staff to get past the crap filter on morons like you (which I assume is a self-feeding mechanism, as you keep getting spoon fed BS by such filters throughout your life you will only ever know such). Swearing for your benefit in hopes to publicly degrade you while making you stop reading at the first line.

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