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Xbox Live Labels Autistic Boy "Cheater" 613

Jellis55 writes "Jennifer Zdenek, the mother of an 11-year-old boy who lives with autism, is outraged at Microsoft Xbox Live for labeling her son a 'cheater' and taking away everything he's earned online. She says her son, Julias Jackson, is so good at playing X-Box games, Xbox LIVE thought he cheated. She says her son got online last week to play Xbox LIVE and saw that he was labeled a cheater and had zero achievements. Microsoft continues to ignore her requests to take 'cheater' off of his account."

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Xbox Live Labels Autistic Boy "Cheater"

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  • by msauve ( 701917 ) on Thursday January 27, 2011 @08:25AM (#35018476)
    MS: Hey, Lotus 1-2-3, WordPerfect, Borland, etc. There's this great new OS which will replace Windows, which you should be developing for, OS/2. We're really behind it, all the way!
    Suckers: Cool! Let's go for it!
    (MS goes off in a corner to do a science project, returns sometime later)
    MS: We're announcing Windows 3.0, and a bunch of applications, called Office, to go along with it!
    Suckers: Hey, wait, what about OS/2? You said that was the future, and we put all our R&D there!
    MS: Oh, yea. Guess we forgot to tell you. Never mind OS/2, Windows 3 is where it's at.
    Suckers: (exit stage left)
  • I thought all video game addicts were mildly to severely autistic anyway? Isn't that what most of the American population is breeding to be these days, "functioning autistic"? All the autistic people I've ever met catch huge fat checks for being alive with autism. They're even allowed to have kids with other autistics. Those kids are born into the grand estate of autism, autism awareness, and quotes around the word "functioning". They get to play videos games and eat ice cream balls all god damn day long. The American Dreams, so, what else could their parents possibly in a million years want for them?

    If the kid is screaming and breaking shit too much to handle since he lost his high falootin' shooter's awards and trophies for cutting peoples' balls off, she should sit the kid down and put it to him like this: they kicked Dustin Hoffman's "Raymond" character out of the casino in "Rain Man", they can kick you out of XBOX. Not everybody loves Raymond, and not everybody loves you. See the dichotomy? See the similar pattern? Good pattern, good pattern-solving little kid. Just hit the reset button and try again, it'll be like going back in time.

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