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Duke Nukem Forever Not Edited For Australia 156

dotarray writes "In case you still somehow didn't believe yesterday's news that Duke Nukem Forever had been given an MA15+ rating in Australia – effectively evading the notoriously strict censors, GamePron now has confirmation that the Duke has not been edited in any way for an Australian release. Hooray!"
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Duke Nukem Forever Not Edited For Australia

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  • by dadioflex ( 854298 ) on Friday February 11, 2011 @04:18AM (#35171492)
    Probably similar to Germany in that they're okay with killing non-humans and nobody outside of the US hates tits.
  • by SuperKendall ( 25149 ) on Friday February 11, 2011 @04:32AM (#35171558)

    Duke Nukem wasn't just about the (admittedly very juvenile) humor and one liners.

    It actually had really great gameplay for the time. To this day Duke Nukem ranks right up there as one of my favorite multi-player FPS games.

    In part it's because of the variety of weapons - you didn't just have guns but you had things like shrink rays. What other game even since then has actually had the player scale down to a tiny version of themselves and then try to elude the massive pursuers around them....

    And then there's the jet-packs. Awesome aerial firefights, or flying up to office buildings high above. In todays modern games you are only begrudgingly allowed to even jump, much less fly outside of something like a helicopter.

    But really my favorite part was the pipe-bombs and trip mines. No other game since Duke has done booby trapping nearly as well as Duke, which gave you the option to either trigger a trap yourself (pipe bomb) or have an unwitting enemy set it off themselves (trip mine). Best of all, you could combine both for the ultimate trap of doom.

    My favorite memory of all time is an extended jet-pack fight with one other guy between sky-scrapers, which ended when he came up an elevator shaft that I had lined with something like six trip-mines. BOOM.

    So I have no idea if the new game will be any good but I think it still carries a lot of the same weapons, thus I am really looking forward to it way more than I should be. If it does come out and you go wandering up the skyscrapers, I'd take the stairs if I were you.

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