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Crysis 2 Leaked Over a Month Before Launch 203

iviv66 writes with this excerpt from Rock, Paper, Shotgun: "According to a thread on the Facepunch forums, a developer build of Crysis 2 containing the full game, multiplayer and the master key for the online authentication has been leaked, and is currently freely available from all sorts of astonishingly illegal websites. This sounds like it might be a serious tragedy for Crytek. Crysis 2 was scheduled for release on the 22nd of March, so the leaked build could be dangerously close to finished." EA and Crytek have responded to the leak, saying that the illicit copy is incomplete and unfinished, and that "Piracy continues to damage the PC packaged goods market and the PC development community."
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Crysis 2 Leaked Over a Month Before Launch

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  • by tanveer1979 ( 530624 ) on Saturday February 12, 2011 @04:25AM (#35184400) Homepage Journal

    Now thats a crysis

    • by Anonymous Coward on Saturday February 12, 2011 @04:43AM (#35184484)

      Looks like the game was released with "maximum speed."

    • Re: (Score:2, Interesting)

      by Anonymous Coward

      Considering crytek keeps their workers in "company provided" living spaces to make them work longer and underpay them quite strongly I say they deserve it.

      • Citation or looking for a funny mod?
      • Re:Obligatory.... (Score:5, Informative)

        by infolation ( 840436 ) on Saturday February 12, 2011 @07:14AM (#35185000)
        I don't work for Crysis, but I know several 3-D devs and concept artists who've switched from film VFX to games and work for them.

        crytek keeps their workers in "company provided" living spaces

        Crytek Germany provide free accommodation to new developers who've relocated to Germany while they find their feet, and provide assistance finding private accommodation for longer term workers.

        to make them work longer

        Work longer hours, or work longer for the company? Quite a few of these people have to be persuaded to relocate from Crysis UK to Germany. Persuading people to relocate for a significant length of time requires carrots, not sticks.

  • Astonishing (Score:5, Insightful)

    by quiet down ( 1795010 ) on Saturday February 12, 2011 @04:26AM (#35184408)
    "...is currently freely available from all sorts of astonishingly illegal websites." So these websites aren't just illegal, they're *astonishingly* illegal! This changes damn near everything about my view of the story!
    • Re:Astonishing (Score:4, Insightful)

      by lul_wat ( 1623489 ) on Saturday February 12, 2011 @04:32AM (#35184442)
      I'm astonished there are illegal websites. You'd think the content of the website would be illegal but this takes it to a whole new level. Better put down those illegal magazines and that illegal sandwich.
      • Re: (Score:2, Insightful)

        by McTickles ( 1812316 )

        Everything is "illegal" nowadays, im not astonished.

        Only media corporations are pretending to be astonished so they can go and whine about the "astonishingly illegal" sites to politicians.

    • by Nemyst ( 1383049 )

      It would appear you're new to the writing style of the RockPaperShotgun guys. Playing on words is their motto ;)

      Oh and, they're British.

    • by Urkki ( 668283 ) on Saturday February 12, 2011 @04:30PM (#35188416)

      "...is currently freely available from all sorts of astonishingly illegal websites."

      So these websites aren't just illegal, they're *astonishingly* illegal! This changes damn near everything about my view of the story!

      Astonishingly illegal web site will contain material that illegally violates copyright laws, with exploits that will first illegally violate your computer, and after sending spam will illegally violate other peoples inboxes, and after intercepting your web banking session will illegally violate your bank account, and after getting you your web cam and photo collection may illegally violate your privacy (which may or may not involve pictures of someone being violated, but as long as it's all legal, it's not relevant here).

      Sounds pretty astonishingly illegal to me.

      Better stick to just non-astonishingly illegal web sites, as they'll be mostly limited to copyright infringement.

  • by assemblerex ( 1275164 ) on Saturday February 12, 2011 @04:32AM (#35184438)
    Valve went and changed the game substantially and for the better. I hope they take the chance to do the same to crysis 2, if they do (add more value) then no one will pirate the inferior version.
    • by RogueyWon ( 735973 ) * on Saturday February 12, 2011 @04:39AM (#35184468) Journal

      The HL2 leak was of a build that was nowhere near ready. If I remember, Valve was somewhat guilty of having pretty heavily exaggerated how close HL2 was to being finished at the time. This doesn't in any way justify the leak, but it does explain why the game changed substantially and for the better - it wasn't really much to do with the leak at all. Crysis 2, on the other hand, has a release date that's not much more than a month and a half away. There's not much that can be done.

      There isn't really an upside to this one. The only way there could be would be if whoever in the supply chain is responsible for this leak were to say, trip up and fall out of a third floor window into a skip full of broken glass and dogshit.

      • by antdude ( 79039 )

        What was unfinished HL2 leak like? Was it ugly or something? Any screen shots and videos of it?

    • It's launching in a month and a half, and this was the full build WITH the CryEngine 3 Editor. The Half-Life 2 leak was a much earlier internal build. Plus, Valve had months beforehand to change things and push back the release. They don't need more time to finish the game, because it sounds like the game is done, start to finish. So best case scenario for them is to push the release date much closer and not have enough units.
    • Honestly, as much fun as the original was, I will buy the new one regardless of whether I download the pirate version or not.

      Good games are worth what they cost, as long as they didn't totally screw the pooch, they already have MY money.

    • then no one will pirate the inferior version.

      No, they'll pirate the finished version instead. I'm not sure i get your point.

    • by morari ( 1080535 )

      Remember the Doom III leak? It was spooky, atmospheric and made for great screenshots?

      Id went and change the game substantially and for the worse...

  • Just fantastic... (Score:4, Insightful)

    by RogueyWon ( 735973 ) * on Saturday February 12, 2011 @04:32AM (#35184440) Journal

    Oh well that's just fantastic, isn't it?

    Look, I know that there are all kinds of flaws in the copyright legal system. And yes, I know that there's plenty wrong with the approach that most of the industry takes towards DRM. But seriously, who the hell thought that leaking this was a good idea? All this is going to achieve - beyond letting a bunch of scabby teenagers play the game a bit earlier than they would have otherwise - is to seriously piss off one of the few remaining developers who really cares about the PC as a platform. Yes, Crysis 2 may be getting console ports, but everything I've seen so far suggests that it is still a PC game first and foremost and, most critically, one of the few around to really be pushing the limits of the platform.

    PC gaming isn't dying. In fact, it should be positioned for a real comeback over the next few years. The current generation of console hardware is aging, there are no successors on the horizon and there are a lot of people out there who got into the development business because they want to make games for the latest and greatest technology. Whatever the corporate priorities, it's almost inevitable that we'll see games over the next five or so years on the PC that far outperform their console cousins - in terms of both graphics and gameplay (because like it or not, better technology does sometimes unlock new gameplay options). However, I say "almost" inevitable. Because, justified or not, if there's one thing that could prevent a PC renaissance, it's arseholery like this, which goes beyond even the usual day-one piracy. It's not just about the impact on sales - which slashdot can and does argue over all day on occasion - I can just imagine how galling it must be for developers to have people playing their work for free, before honest customers even have the chance to buy it. Particularly if the build is unfinished and the game is now going to get criticised for flaws not in the final version.

    I'd like to think that people would just ignore the leak en masse. Sadly, we all know that isn't going to happen.

    • Why WOULDNT the fans want to get their Much Awaited Release before time?

      I'll give an example of one of my most anticipated releases, the Michael album [wikipedia.org] released after Michael Jacksons death. I've been a fan of MJ's since I was about 5 years old, my whole life he's been my favourite musician. I host a small podcast talking about Michael Jackson, I live in New Zealand, we hit day X before anywhere else in the world. I thought I'd have the album before the rest of the world. Not so. I go on Skype, my fr
      • Except this isn't about regional release date timings. The game isn't out anywhere yet. And the leak isn't of a finished version. And the last phase in getting a game ready for release is QA - getting rid of the bugs.

        So it's a bit like going to a torrent for your new MJ album, finding that the only version available is based on a dodgy tape recording of the tracks as they're broadcast over a dodgy radio, while some guy reads out the weather forecast in German in the background. Sure, the hardcore fans might

        • by dafing ( 753481 )
          the people who download some dodgy torrent? Do you truly believe these hardcore users will easily get confused with The Real Thing?

          I know all the stuff about The Hulk, about the leaked version with crappy CG etc, unfinished, but nobody truly believe it was THE real movie. It cost some buzz, true, but not the movie, which was panned on release as it was.

          I'd think a leaked, unfinished game was more like a Closed Beta, I've been in those before, and they made me want the real thing MORE.
        • by Dunbal ( 464142 ) *

          Except this isn't about regional release date timings.

          Speaking of which - why on earth, when any grandmother can send a video of her cat farting to the furthest reaches of the planet within seconds - do regional release dates exist? If that is not about racketeering, then I don't know what is.

          • Oh, agree entirely.

            I think partly it's about companies still liking to feel "in control". The other, more significant part of it is that there are still a number of entertainment companies out there who still entertain the hilarious notion that they might actually be able to sell their products legally in places like China and India (as opposed to just having them pirated there). Pricing products at way below the international value in those markets is the way they think they'll succeed - so they like regi

          • I don't think regional release dates are racketeering, but I do think that region coding is price fixing, which is illegal basically everywhere, every time, except as explicitly protected by law — and there are numerous examples. In fact, farm subsidies were invented as a means of price fixing. (Today they are just a means of giving big piles of money to already rich people.)

      • Re: (Score:2, Funny)

        by dadioflex ( 854298 )
        This is so off the wall and I feel so conflicted. I can't help it. One part of me is disgusted because you're a Michael Jackson fan, another part of me completely agrees with you. Leaks don't stop the people who buy games from buying the game. They want to own the game. The people who download the leak and play it but don't go on to buy it were never going to buy it in the first place. You can't change human nature. Pirates don't want to pay, they imagine they're a smooth criminal beating the system but the
        • by dafing ( 753481 )
          Somehow I just knew where you were going with that.

          Its cool, why, why, its just Human Nature.
    • "is to seriously piss off one of the few remaining developers who really cares about the PC as a platform"

      Headline: CEO Cevat Yerli defends EA’s controversial PDLC strategy, remains unsure on Crysis 2 demo...

      http://www.develop-online.net/news/34545/Crytek-foresees-the-end-of-free-game-demos [develop-online.net]

      Somebody who wants to charge for demos DOES NOT CARE about the PC as a platform. Most dev's these days (at AAA houses) couldn't give less of a shit as you see with their sloppy ports to PC and draconian DRM (assass

    • At a guess... only one of their employees should have access to the game. Which probably means they fired someone, or just seriously overworked them. Leading to a 'If I'm going down, I'm taking you wish me!' moment.
      • Only one? What about those who are designing the levels, character animations, textures/shaders etc and need to test them in game, those who write the AI and need to test it in game, those who do any part of the game, and need to test it? Then of course, you have the quality testers.

    • by Dunbal ( 464142 ) *

      is to seriously piss off one of the few remaining developers who really cares about the PC as a platform.

      Eh, what? Are we talking about the same company? Electronic Arts, right? EA has always been about business, not about games. In fact considering their size, the number of decent video games they manage to release is minimal. Certainly they don't compare to a company like Microprose, where almost every single game produced was a blockbuster. What they (EA) do is collect smaller companies [wikipedia.org], like the Borg

    • Good point, but is this actually available, or is it a "viral" marketing ploy? And even if it is available, are that many people who would otherwise have bought the game going to download and play it? I am looking forward to buying it on steam when it's released.
  • Where's the link in the story to the leaked files?
  • by Anonymous Coward on Saturday February 12, 2011 @04:45AM (#35184494)

    EA and Crytek have responded to the leak, saying that the illicit copy is incomplete and unfinished, and that "Piracy continues to damage the PC packaged goods market and the PC development community."

    Then just hurry up and die already. Or pull out of the PC market.

    What's that? You still make money hand over fist so you can't justify pulling out to your shareholders? Well fuck me, how unexpected.

  • Your Crysis Crysis jokes were already made. And though I'm against intellectual property, this isn't okay. But what do they mean the copy is unfinished? Are they saying the game hadn't gone gold yet?? Dumb comments will lose them the moral high ground...
    • But what do they mean the copy is unfinished?

      They mean they haven't finished downloading it yet.

  • Their games are mostly eye candy used to show off the engine... They make most of their money from selling the engine to other studios that use it to make good games...
    • by tapo ( 855172 )

      I enjoyed Crysis. Accomplish these objectives within a relatively open sandbox, given these powers. It only became standard fare scifi bullshit during the alien mothership levels, but was otherwise pretty neat.

      Crysis 2 sounds the same way, only with the multiplayer designed by Crytek UK - formerly Free Radical, the guys behind Timesplitters and Goldeneye 007.

      • I enjoyed Far Cry, Crysis and Crysis Warhead. The last of those 3 was particularly good. I paid for all 3 (the latter two on Steam). Honestly, how many people are actually going to download these who would otherwise have bought the game? I don't think it's all that many, given release is only a month or so away.
    • It's worked for Id since Doom 2, Quake, or Quake 2, depending on who you talk to.

  • If the game is incomplete and what not. Just ban that "master key" and simply relabel it as the PC Demo which they weren't going to release.
    Sure, this release might result in some lost sales (because people tried the game and didn't like it).

  • Has anyone wondered if this was done so Crytek can point a finger at piracy? This is a ridiculously huge blunder for such a huge company and they've pointed fingers at piracy before. That's allegedly why Crysis 2 is for both the PC and the consoles.

    This could be a stunt for publicity as well. Something like beta builds of games aren't regularly leaked.
    • I'm not one to jump on conspiracy theories for the most part. An equally valid explanation would be an employee within the company was pissed off about something and leaked it to get back at them in some way.

      I will give it credit as having some plausibility though. The Crytek CEO whined and bitched up a storm about Crysis 1 'only' selling about 1.5 million copies in the first couple months, blaming pirates for taking away all their money. This of course conveniently ignored that there were only a few millio

    • Re:It's a trap? (Score:4, Interesting)

      by Ansoni-San ( 955052 ) on Saturday February 12, 2011 @06:55AM (#35184912)

      ... This is a ridiculously huge blunder for such a huge company and they've pointed fingers at piracy before ...

      Finally, someone talking about the main point. Exactly. This has nothing to do with piracy at all; along with any damage caused. They fucked up, plain and simple.

      The tone of their response to the leak just sounds like posturing, by a management that may be looking to either impose some hair-brained DRM scheme, or more than likely *hang on to their jobs*. Ridiculous.

      It's this new breed of management that is turning the PC gaming platform to shit and FUD.
      Piracy is like the new "the dog ate my homework" for the 21st century.

  • by MrQuacker ( 1938262 ) on Saturday February 12, 2011 @05:57AM (#35184698)
    Is why you pay your developers good money. So they don't fuck you over out of spite.
    • As a fellow game developer, I can assure you that your accusation is absolutely unfounded.

      Such leaks frequently come from preview versions sent to journalists, because they need to write an article about the game at the same time as the game is published, and testing a game requires a few days of testing, so they receive early copies a few weeks before publishing.

      Magazines also rely heavily on freelance journalists, and because of their contract, they don't care about exchanging a game against an access to

      • As a fellow game developer, I can assure you that your accusation is absolutely unfounded.


        There are other sources of leaks, but in this case (since it's a beta release), I've no doubt about the source.

        From the fine summary, "and the master key for the online authentication".

        Absolutely unfounded? No doubt? Let me get this straight... you're telling me that you're utterly confident that no developer could possibly be the source for this leak and that it's completely a given that it's a journalist? Seriously?

        Maybe at your place of employ everyone's highly gruntled, but at a lot of other game houses employees are positively disgruntled. Don't let your personal experience convince you the entire world sha

  • This is not hurting them in any way, since the game would have been available on pirate sites the day of its release anyway, quite the contrary it's providing for large advertisement just before the release.

  • Recently played Crysis as free giveaway with my games mag. I can say I was seriously underwhelmed. Technology was reasonable, but game-play is nothing to write home about, just a generic shooter with pretty bas storytelling. That said, I am not even interested in looking at Crysis 2 and their problem is not piracy.

  • Isn't this also being developed for consoles with little to no change to the game other than a few higher res doo-dads?
    apparently they've never searched torrent sites for any of the console names either..

    all I see is a company trying to generate an excuse for what they know will be a sub-par product ahead of time. I wonder what they'd do if they had to actually be honest for even 5 minutes?

  • If you have ever run or been part of a large project of any kind you know one thing you can count on:

    Things NEVER go as planned. It's how you overcome those problems that makes or breaks your product.

    Regrettable as this unplanned leak of of their game is you can't just stop and whine about like a little girl you come up with a solution!

    For example and this is just one of the top of my head..

    Issue a modding and/or mapping contest for the game! Release the editor by it self legally and people will use the lea

  • by AftanGustur ( 7715 ) on Saturday February 12, 2011 @09:51AM (#35185722) Homepage
    The so called "Master key" for online play, is a developer key, not the commercial one. You won't be able to play the pirated game on the production servers with this key.

    Secondly, this "Crysis 2 Crysis" will only do what all similar leaks do: It will amplify the effect the quality of the game, has on its sales.

    Meaning, that if the game sucks. it will absolutely sink when it becomes available commercially.

    And similarly, if the game is good, it's sales will skyrocket.

  • by levicivita ( 1487751 ) on Saturday February 12, 2011 @10:06AM (#35185812)
    I will proactively go out and buy the game. The first Crisis remains the best looking FPS to date, although it was released almost 4 years ago. Computational power has continued to increase. As someone said here a few days ago, with a $150 GPU you can run any game on the market at maximum settings. Think about that! A few years ago that would have been unheard of. Game developers kept pushing the envelope, forcing gamers to constantly stay on top of the hardware arms race. Expensive? You bet. But a recipe for innovation.

    There will be a cost. Companies like NVIDIA and ATI may slow their development pace since they can't monetize as well any future advancements. Who is willing to shell out $300 to run MW2 at 90fps vs. 50fps...? Are we done generating real time photo-realistic images? Does this [imageshack.us] look like a screenshot from an action movie yet? I for one don't think so.

    We need the next Crisis. That game that will bring to a halt all but the top 1% of existing PCs on maximum settings. The industry needs it. I need it. You need it too - you just don't know it.

  • I call BS (Score:4, Interesting)

    by RMingin ( 985478 ) on Saturday February 12, 2011 @10:17AM (#35185890) Homepage
    Both EA and Crytek have been whining for some time about how the PC is no longer viable as a gaming platform, and about how they need to drop it and focus on consoles. Maybe I'm just being paranoid, but this could be an inside job. EA reviewed the gold master, realized it was another plotless tech demo like the first one and therefore unlikely to sell in great numbers, and decided to sacrifice Crysis 2 on the altar of public opinion, to help all their poor sheep consumers realize that "PC = EVIL". I hope I'm totally talking out my ass, but it sounds like 'logic' we've seen from EA before.
    • EA reviewed the gold master, realized it was another plotless tech demo like the first one and therefore unlikely to sell in great numbers, and decided to sacrifice Crysis 2 on the altar of public opinion, to help all their poor sheep consumers realize that "PC = EVIL".

      I hope I'm totally talking out my ass, but it sounds like 'logic' we've seen from EA before.

      Oh, I wouldn't go THAT far... It's just that your paranoia is a bit misguided and under-informed. They are not evil for the sake of being evil - they are simply capitalists.
      This "full game, multiplayer and the master key for the online authentication" leak allows them to delay the multiplayer game that clearly has issues with the multiplayer. [wikipedia.org]

      Within hours of its release, thousands of complaints were reported after numbers of players were met with disconnects from games, crashing during loading and, oddly, a temperamental incompatibility with the Xbox Wireless WiFi adaptor. Crytek issued a statement telling players it's aware of "technical issues" with the Xbox-exclusive multiplayer demo of Crysis 2, and is working on a fix.
      While a pre-release multiplayer demo for PC has been confirmed, no release date has been given by either EA or Crytek.

      They can even still publish the game "as is" (with slight delay, naturally), only have the multiplayer servers disabled until they fix the "leak issue".
      Shit, what with

  • OR, the game is complete garbage and Crytek released it early intentionally so they could blame their failure on pirates and hackers. It's hard enough to have a development build leaked, but the master keys as well? Smells fishy to me. Even if they didn't release it intentionally, their security protocols must be completely lax for this sort of thing to have happened. Either way, it's completely Cryteks fault.
  • ...but "facepunch forum" is awesome.

  • The scripty kid who did this bullshit ought to be flogged publicly. Look, I've got no problem with retail games being released in the scene. They serve their purpose. But stealing development builds and releasing them is just plain wrong. This hurts the industry far more than a scene release. Now they'll have to re-jigger the multiplayer authentication and it will delay the game.

  • couldn't they just change the authentication key?

  • Missing textures everywhere, a constant screed flicker, not lined up audio, impossible to play on anything but lowest settings, etc.

    I wouldn't worry about this hurting sales, nobody is going to play this instead of the full game.

    How do I know this? Uhh, my friend totally heard from his cousin who downloaded it...

  • by gumpish ( 682245 ) on Saturday February 12, 2011 @12:09PM (#35186592) Journal

    If EA really thinks PC gaming is such a waste of time and money maybe they should GTFO.

    I for one wouldn't miss them. As it is now I have to check every game I look at on Steam to make sure it's not published by them. It'd be nice not to have to worry about making that mistake anymore.

  • And not the entire PC gaming community... This one is their problem. It's an internal build. Everything is there. There are licensed tools in there that they don't even have the rights to distribute. DRM master keys (not for online play, for the actual secure shield DRM) with usernames and passwords in plain text files

    This looks a lot like the development version of half life 2 that got leaked, except I don't think the full source code to the engine is with this one. Bottom line is that this c
  • I hadn't even given this game much thought, but after trying out the leak, I've decided to buy it. It plays really well for how nice the graphics look, and the gameplay seems good. The leak is buggy as hell, but there is a cool game here. Just went from being not interested, to now planning on buying it. Damn you piracy! :D
    • Then the "leak" has clearly served at least the "freely distributed extended demo" part of its intended purposes.
      Utilization of a piracy-based marketing scheme, while blaming all of their product's technical deficiencies on pirates.

      Now we only need the confirmation of the delay of the game and the multiplayer "until it's fixed" for the "leak" to be a complete success.

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