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Geohot Denies Involvement In PSN Hack Attack 136

Stoobalou writes "Soon-to-be-celebrity hacker and thorn in Sony's side George 'Geohot' Hotz has denied any involvement in the ongoing breach at the PlayStation Network. The 21-year-old hacker — who is best known for creating the first software-based hack for the iPhone, and getting hypervisor access and exposing the root key to the PlayStation 3 — has made it clear that he had nothing to do with filleting Sony's online gaming servers, saying 'I'm not crazy.'"
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Geohot Denies Involvement In PSN Hack Attack

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  • "Anyone who thinks I was involved in any way with this, I'm not crazy, and would prefer to not have the FBI knocking on my door. Running homebrew and exploring security on your devices is cool, hacking into someone else's server and stealing databases of user info is not cool. You make the hacking community look bad, even if it is aimed at douches like Sony."

    Here's the other half that doesn't usually get picked up - people are generally apathetic to this whole situation. Many people don't even know who Geohot is, and most likely don't care either. The ones who are most vocal about the network being offline are the ones who are online 24/7 anyways. Although i'm addressing this to a crowd that generally basement dwells, people generally have lives and most won't even notice. I have hundred and hundreds of "friends" on Facebook, some who I know are heavily into technology and console gaming, and practically nothing has been mentioned except for what i'm seeing posted on /. and similar technology related blogs and news aggregators.

    tldr: Geohot is taking advantage by not taking advantage, and generally no one really cares outside of the circle.

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