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GameStop To Honor Ancient Duke Nukem Pre-Orders 172

doug141 writes "GameStop encourages customers who pre-ordered more than a year ago to verify their reservation with their local store. 'Provided the customer has a receipt, we will honor even those pre-orders taken long ago. At this time, we expect that all pre-order customers will receive Duke's Big Package at time of purchase, regardless of when the reservation was made.'" If you have an especially old order, though, you might want to visit the store with your original punchcard, or a daguerreotype of it.
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GameStop To Honor Ancient Duke Nukem Pre-Orders

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  • by Eric(b0mb)Dennis ( 629047 ) on Sunday May 29, 2011 @03:30PM (#36281114)

    Why is it news that they are honoring these pre-orders? To pre-order, don't you have to actually, uh, pay for the game? Whenever I've pre-ordered something at my local gamestop I usually pay full price and just pick up on release.

    Now, maybe they have some sort of 'down payment' thing, and then on release date you pay the remainder... but still.. why wouldn't they honor them? I can't see any reason why they wouldn't.

    Case in point, I ordered Team Fortress 2 a long, LONG time ago. I'm talking about when they were releasing the videos of the army guys and the turrets, looked 'realistic' (for tech back then) etc etc.. the game that never came out.

    I pre-ordered this game because it was on Game Stop's 'RELEASES' board. I was an avid player of Quakeworld TF and MegaTF.

    Know what? I only got one call, asking if I wanted to change my order to The Oranage Box because it was learned tf2 was being shipped with it. Of course, I did.. and TF2 was a totally different game at this point.. but at no time did I lose my pre-order.

  • by gman003 ( 1693318 ) on Sunday May 29, 2011 @03:44PM (#36281224)
    It's news because some of these pre-orders are nearly a decade old [crunchgear.com]. TF2 was announced, un-announced, went through it's own epic development hell, was released, had over a hundred patches released, all in the time between some of these preorders being made and the game finally coming out.

    Not only that, but some of those pre-orders may be for ports that no longer exist - can you transfer a Saturn edition pre-order into an XBox360 preorder? A PS1 preorder into a PS3 preorder?
  • Re:Huh? (Score:3, Insightful)

    by osu-neko ( 2604 ) on Sunday May 29, 2011 @04:35PM (#36281536)

    I don't get it. Why would this be open to doubt? If I've understood correctly, Gamestop offered it for sale and these people paid for it... so now it's available Gamestop are going to honour the contract. Is that not what they would normally do?

    If you strip away from the description everything that makes it unique, yes, it sounds unremarkable. Let's not to do and try again. Gamestop is fulfilling preorders that are over a decade old. Isn't that what they normally do? No, in fact they normally fulfill preorders that are only a few months or at most a year or two old. What makes this news is not that their fulfilling preorders, it's that they're fulfilling ancient ones. It isn't news because there was some doubt that they would, it's news because it's something happening that has never happened before. When something happens that has never happened before, it's often considered news, even if everyone in the situation reacts exactly as you would expect they would in the situation, despite it never happening before.

  • by FSWKU ( 551325 ) on Sunday May 29, 2011 @10:03PM (#36283408)

    The real question is why would anyone pre-order any big title.

    Not necessarily. This IS GameStop we're talking about, here. A friend of mine in SF went in to pickup a copy of LA Noire on launch day. The salesdroid rather rudely stated, "We don't have any copies for non-preorders. If you wanted to play this game, then you should have preordered it." At which point he promptly went 5 minutes down the street to the pit of hell known as Best Buy and picked up one of the hundred or so copies on the shelf. He then returned to GameStop to give them a hearty "fuck you".

    The lesson here is that a LOT of GameStop managers will ONLY order enough stock to cover preorders. They do this in a misguided attempt to coerce people into preordering future titles so they can artificially inflate the metrics for their store. This is also the same company that likes to sell used copies on launch day, and shove strategy guides down your throat like a Geek Squad goon pitches dubious service plans.

    tl;dr - fuck GameStop.

  • by Bacon Bits ( 926911 ) on Monday May 30, 2011 @03:05AM (#36284628)

    And people wonder why brick & mortar stores are struggling so much.

    If I go to Best Buy, I expect the store to be poorly laid out, I expect the cashier to harass me to buy some extra I don't want ($30 "insurance" on a $50 item? WTF is the point of that?), and I expect the asshole at the door to ask to see my receipt. I don't expect informed salespersons. I don't expect competitive prices.

    I expect the same thing at GameStop, except I don't expect the level of politeness that I get at Best Buy (which is passable) and I expect GameStop to actively try to sucker me out of my money at every opportunity while simultaneously trying to not get me what I actually want.

    Or I can go to Amazon or Newegg, where I can get a better price, better product reviews, more convenience, and far less irritation.

    I don't shop at Best Buy except under duress, and I haven't walked into a GameStop voluntarily or otherwise since about 2004.

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