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The Uzebox: an Open Source Hardware Games Console 104

angry tapir writes "Lots of people are familiar with open source software. Open source hardware, however, is still more of niche category. The Uzebox is an open source, 'retro minimalist' 8-bit games console, licensed under version 3.0 of the GNU GPL. 'The console uses an overclocked ATmega644 microcontroller and classic Super Nintendo controllers, supports 256 colors and 4 sound channels and has an SD card interface from which games can be loaded from.'"
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The Uzebox: an Open Source Hardware Games Console

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  • by WarlockD ( 623872 ) on Wednesday July 06, 2011 @04:23AM (#36669738)

    Ok, maybe I will be modded down here, but its a damn ATmega644, maybe overclocked with SNES controllers and a crap DAC hooked up. We have been doing this for years, back even on the old Pic16f84. Granted this is in color with what looks like an impressive API but for the same price you can get hooked up with a Propeller that has a hell of allot more features and even supports VGA resolutions out of box. Not to mention the video/sound timing issues you will have with this thing when you want to try to work outside the API. This is not the 2600 days where we have to watch for Vsyinc like its life or death:P

    The ARM kit over at spark fun has way more features, cheaper, AND runs at 72mhz. [] Even if you want to "market" this thing for beginners, an Arduino has much better support and gaggits to play with. Game programing, especially with this kind of setup, will be hard.

    Sigh. Hell, even putting a 3 dollar CLPD would help the graphic performance alot on that. This whole article seems more of a sales pitch than a real project.

  • by Bert64 ( 520050 ) < ... NBSDom minus bsd> on Wednesday July 06, 2011 @04:27AM (#36669772) Homepage

    It's all about scale...

    In hardware, yes absolutely... The cost of producing hardware is high and this will always make it extremely difficult for smaller groups or individuals to compete against the large manufacturers.

    In software, where the barriers of entry are lower, open source is doing extremely well... Android, Firefox, and Linux is in everything from TVs, Routers and all manner of networking kit, Phones, all the way up to massive database servers and supercomputers. Linux and BSD are running on thousands of devices that people don't even realise and if you added them all up you would probably find that Linux is the most widespread OS by quite large a margin.

    In my house alone, i know that linux runs on my TV, my Satellite receiver, my gps, my wireless ap and my phone.

  • by angry tapir ( 1463043 ) on Wednesday July 06, 2011 @06:12AM (#36670154) Homepage
    Hello, It's the guy who did the interview here (and the guy who submitted it to Slashdot). Uzebox has been round for quite a while, but I thought an interview with Alec would be kind of interesting, and it includes some stuff you might not find elsewhere (at least in one place). It's not like the article was devoid of content in my view... but then I have an obvious bias. And, yes, there's a bunch of ads on the page. Sadly it's the ads that pay my salary. cheers, Rohan

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