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Carmack Addresses FPS Creativity Concerns 280

donniebaseball23 writes "id Software co-founder John Carmack defended the creativity of first-person shooter games in a recent interview. The legendary programmer, who was a pioneer in the shooter genre with Doom and Quake, said he doesn't like hearing from developers that shooters aren't good because they're not reinventing the wheel. 'I am pretty down on people who take the sort of creative auteurs' perspective. It's like "Oh, we're not being creative." But we're creating value for people — that's our job! It's not to do something that nobody's ever seen before. It's to do something that people love so much they're willing to give us money for... you see some of the indie developers that really take a snooty attitude about this,' he lamented."
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Carmack Addresses FPS Creativity Concerns

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  • by dave562 ( 969951 ) on Tuesday July 19, 2011 @11:31PM (#36819122) Journal

    Of course the "indie" developers are whining. That is what "indie" people do. They whine about how everything is not good enough and how they could do it better. Maybe some indie developer can come up with a revolutionary game where you ride around on a Vespa and go to poetry readings at various coffee shops.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday July 20, 2011 @12:02AM (#36819332)

    Just remember what ID Software was before Carmack booted Romero. DON"T YOU FORGET IT! ID Software was once an inovator of both Science and Art, married together by a glue of fanbase, and ever since the Johns wparted ways it just resolved to be nothing more than a stock ticker. Sure Doom3 was nice, but so is Planet Earth without water. A Slideshow of artwork could have been presented by Romero with a multiple-choice question on how to continue, and it would still be cooler than Doom3.

    Doom3 the engine was an attempt to synthesize John Romero back into ID Software, but it had no soul and was void. It was void just like all the other game engines that built their fanbase on multiplayer hoping activity and some AI would make it fun, but nope -- nothing that Romero couldn't do with a stroke of a brush.

    I hear ID Software was sold to another company since about 3 months ago, and Carmack was reduced to a mere production manager while an entire pigeon-coup of naturalized illegal aliens were imported to do the work of him, but none of them could do as Romero because:

    Our Father who Arteth in Purgatory,
    unwritten be thy name!
    Thy commode come!
    Thy pallet never done!
    On lucid canvas between the heavens!
    Give us this Turtle our daily waypoint,
    and chart us a segment,
    and Forgive us our Undo as we redo those that made better to us whom were silenced by the Adversary.
    And lead us not into a Microsoft Compiler but deliver us from
    the Aquisittor for thine is the Independence and Beauty and Strength forever! Humen!

  • by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday July 20, 2011 @12:51AM (#36819646)

    i and i agree with you, mahn.

    I'd like to see a shooter game mixed with Sims. People living their normal life and I can walk around like God or Rupert Murdoch fucking with them in ways they don't notice but directly makes their computer lives even worse. More than just destroying a town with a hurricane, I want to see computer faces breaking down and crying as I give their computer daughter cancer. Then switch to Murdoch Mode where I write headlines saying cancer is cured, so I can see their faces light up before they realize they've been scammed and they have to kill themselves.

    I'll call the game, Cunts are Still Running the World, with a hat tip to Jervis Cocker.

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