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PS3 "Strong Contender" To Overtake Xbox 360 276

donniebaseball23 writes "Xbox 360 has been having an incredible year so far in 2011, but on a global scale Sony's PS3 is still gaining ground. In fact, this year PS3 has outpaced Xbox 360 by 10% worldwide, analysts have pointed out. While the Wii has clearly won the race for this console generation, the battle for second place is neck and neck, and PS3 has a good shot of overtaking Xbox 360. 'As for second place, as far as the hardcore market is concerned, I'd say PS3 is a strong contender for that position,' commented M2 Research analyst Billy Pidgeon."
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PS3 "Strong Contender" To Overtake Xbox 360

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    by CronoCloud ( 590650 ) <<moc.liamg> <ta> <noruaduolconorc>> on Tuesday July 26, 2011 @06:21PM (#36888972)

    It was Samsung that released the first blu-ray player to market in 2006...and it cost almost a thousand dollars. Even the Deluxe PS3 model released in October of that year was cheap compared to that. And also the PS3 can do BonusView, BD-Live and 3D blu-ray titles, and that Samsung model could not be updated to do so.

    And even now and 299 the PS3 is still a pretty good deal. Massive storage, media features, a build in web browser, and games. It competes fairly well with things like Iomega's Boxee thing.

  • by Sleepy ( 4551 ) on Tuesday July 26, 2011 @07:51PM (#36889690) Homepage

    I know way more people with PS3s than XB360s. This was not true 5 years ago, but it is now and has been for years.

    Because of hardware failures, most XB360 owners I know have purchased the game console more than once (THREE times in one case).

    What's more interesting to me is how both platforms have become dynamic platforms with new OS features, instead of remaining static like the old PS2 and XBOX.

    Next thing you know, one of the console makers will 1up the other and start supporting Linux and homebrew. Oh wait....

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