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Coming Soon to EA's Origin Store: Third-Party Titles 88

First time accepted submitter RGDfleet writes with news snipped from Gamer Gaia, based on a report in GameSpot UK: "For around three months now EA's Origin store, previously known as the EA Store, has been providing digital copies of just about any EA title post-2009. In fact, Origin has been exclusively EA ever since its inception and has featured no games from other publishers. On top of this the service has restricted access of EA titles on competitor providers such as Steam, Battlefield 3 perhaps being the leading example. This week however, EA CFO Eric Brown confirmed that they intend to start bringing third party content to Origin."
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Coming Soon to EA's Origin Store: Third-Party Titles

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  • The EA Store is one of the most broken things on the planet. I refuse to infect my computer with it.
    • I'd have to agree to this. I bought Sims 3 for my GF the other day - and it never showed up as install-able. So I contact customer service - 3 hours later (not kidding) we were no further along in solving this problem - I asked for my money back and they refunded it.

      I told him that if I had pirated the game that it would been installed and working by now - he didn't seem to care probably because he was an outsourced drone in India (or whatever the nations favorite 3rd world country to profit on is this year

    • and what's more, most popular titles cost like 10-15 euros more in steam / EA digital download, plus you get the dvd with it so you can sell it again if you like ... upcoming skyrim costs 35 euro's in pre-order at gamersland (nl , thats including mail to my doorstep) , 49,99 on steam, i guess EA prices will be comparable to steam
  • by jaymz666 ( 34050 ) on Sunday September 11, 2011 @01:45PM (#37369324)

    The application is crappy and has to remind you EVERY SINGLE TIME you minimise it that it's still running.
    It's a cash grab and as such is developed by morons.
    I have to relogin every few boots due to it forgetting it was logged in. Steam has it beat, I don't even realise steam is running until I go to use it.
    Origin has a splash screen that doesn't minimise on boot, and then when I close that it throws a popup that it's still running. NO SHIT SHERLOCK

    • EA is run and owned by businessmen. Therefore, everything they do is strictly regulated by how some MBA thinks it should work. The result is that many of their games, and it looks like their store as well (I haven't and won't use it, unless something changes) aren't properly designed. The rule for that kind of software is to remind you about it as often as possible and shove as many products to sell in your face as possible (just like most real stores.) In fact, many of their games are becoming digital stor

      • EA is run and owned by businessmen.

        Isn't that true for every single company on Earth? Well, I suppose there are some that aren't/weren't run by businessmen, but I think that falls under the classification, 'out of business'.

        • by dkf ( 304284 )

          EA is run and owned by businessmen.

          Isn't that true for every single company on Earth?

          No. The successful ones tend to be run by businessmen (and businesswomen) since either they get taken over by people who specialize in the running of businesses, or the founder/owner becomes more adept at running the business and becomes a business(wo)man. Businesses that aren't run as businesses at least somewhat tend to run out of money and fold, since controlling the assets — and especially the cash supply — is a core requirement of being a solvent business. There are a lot of "businesses" in

    • by Anonymous Coward

      According to the EULA for Origin, it can scan your *entire* computer and see what is on it (not just games that you bought from them) and also track your use patterns of your non-Origin-purchased apps.

      Sorry, that is too much. Get that crap out of the EULA, and then I might consider it (but from what others have said about its quality, probably still "no").

      • Yeah, that shit is why Origin will only be running on my machine while I'm playing Battlefield 3. I hate exclusivity with a passion, but my desire to play BF3 outweighs my issues with EA and Origin.
  • Because I was worried that EA wasn't making enough money. This should help that!
  • by Vektuz ( 886618 ) on Sunday September 11, 2011 @01:47PM (#37369346)
    • by Mashiki ( 184564 )

      Yeah it's not like we have a shortage of digital distribution systems either. What 8 or 9 of them. If I have to be with one, I'll take steam. Mostly because they've been pretty good on ensuring that things like OBSE/FOSE/FVSE and all that work on their encrypted exe's. Ensuring that you know, games have extended modability. Sadly EA is already a known, fuck everyone over, everywhere, and tell them the like it. While killing off their 'consumed' studios. Origin, Bullfrog, Maxis, etc, and the most recen

      • Dude, Origin isn't dead! It even has a store now! RTFA & HAND :)

      • Yeah it's not like we have a shortage of digital distribution systems either. What 8 or 9 of them.

        And given EA's inane experiments with DRM you're probably better off with a pirated ISO and a crack - no limited number of installs or crap like that. In their case it actually makes sense to pirate their games even if you bought them.

    • Re: (Score:3, Informative)

      by zennyboy ( 1002544 )

      Me neither; I cannot read it:

      Chat Transcript
      19/08/2011 08.59 AM
      Hi, my name is Ackley. How may I help you?
      Zennyboy: Hiya - this is not about whatever game I selected
      Zennyboy: it's about Origin
      Zennyboy: The Store?
      Zennyboy: Hello?
      Ackley:Please specify your issue
      Zennyboy: I am English but live in Spain. I do not speak Spanish however. I am unable to make Origin web page 'go' into English whatever localization (in my profile, on the site) I select
      Zennyboy: It's apparently reading off my geolocation and

  • Now all it needs is third-party costumers.

    • Now there's a chilling thought. People selling IMVU and Second Life skins through the storefront. Forget intellectual property, see how fast your virtual property values drop when multifunction genitals are in the DLC section with CoD maps.
  • the power of Origin.

    Wait.. Anyone else here?

    Who am I supposed to tell about the power of Origin?

    Oh bugger.
  • by nomadic ( 141991 ) <nomadicworld@gmai l . c om> on Sunday September 11, 2011 @02:11PM (#37369522) Homepage
    The name of the store is CALLED Origin. Why on earth have they not put up any actual Origin GAMES? Post-2009? Give me a break, let me buy Ultima 7-X.
    • I want my REAL Origin games! Serpent's Isle anyone?!?
    • by gl4ss ( 559668 )

      exactly - origin "we create worlds" was doing something that companies since have not managed to do as much, actually creating worlds.

      which can be hardly said about DA2.. compared to ultima 6 anyhow. despite apparently the money poured to it being much greater, but hey, I guess flaky facial expression generator is better than a sandbox world that takes some effort to script.

    • by mgiuca ( 1040724 )

      Well if you didn't see it yet, released Ultima 1-4 last week and Ultima 5-6 this week. If you can sit patiently for about another week, I expect you'll be satisfied.

      • by nomadic ( 141991 )
        Haha yep, already bought...which is why I said I wanted to buy Ultima VII-X.
        • by mgiuca ( 1040724 )

          Ah, I thought you might have (since you were awfully specific about which ones). Well, I'd personally much rather buy them from GOG than from the EA store, so I'm pretty happy EA went with that channel.

          • EA wouldnt have a clue on what to do with Ultima anyway, the last thing I hear about Ultima was that they were planning a browser game ala sims.
            I guess nowadays if they brought out another Ultima it would be a sports game (Avatar Soccer) or a WW2 Shooter (Ultima 11 the adventures of the Avatar in Desden)

  • by ADRA ( 37398 )

    Just got a battlefield ad when I came to the page =)

    Anyways, if EA wants to open their own store ala Steam I wish them all the luck in the world, but I would seriously hope that EA and Valve would allow their games to be inter-sold on the other platforms. I for one don't give a rats butt about Origin, I'd miss EA games from steam. Vice versa, if I was an Origin fan, I'd hate not seeing Steam / SteamPowered games being sold through the service. Ditto for Games for windows.

    Maybe what this really needs in the

    • I'd love to see EA games still sold on Steam too, as it's the only way I'll buy them.
      • Personally I would like to see EA games that were actually worth the money they charge for them.

    • Ditto for Games for windows.

      GFWL is evil and should be killed with fire. The sooner developers realize that the better. I've used it as well as steam and origin and out of the three I find that only GFWL is truly unusable...

  • ....when you have a working business model and your profit margin is excellent, you must follow the "Gaming Code":

    1. Get scared that something isn't right because you're doing so well.
    2. Add something that is counter-intuitive, defined as such by the very name of the product.
    3. Profit more.
    4. GOTO 1.


  • by Anonymous Coward

    The service has not restricted digital downloads on other stores. EA games are available on the other digital stores. The specific problem is between EA and Steam. Valve does not allow Steam games to sell and make available DLC through their own stores; everything must go through Steam. EA doesn't want to rewrite their games to work with Steam's store (which would cost EA time/money to do and to maintain the separate Steam version, and then on top of that Valve would take a cut on every DLC), so they're at

    • by artor3 ( 1344997 )

      No, that's just EA's propaganda to hide their real reason. Steam absolutely allows companies to sell their own DLC separate from Steam. Just look at the DLC for Mass Effect or Dragon Age or Oblivion.

      EA's real reason is obvious. They want their platform, Origin, to be the market leader. To do that, they need to dethrone Steam. So they pull all of their games from Steam, hoping to weaken the platform. They allow their games to stay on Direct2Drive and Impulse and the like, because they don't perceive th

      • by Anonymous Coward

        Uh, Dragon Age 2 was pulled from Steam right after EA released the first DLC for it, as were a couple other recent EA games. This has only apparently started to happen recently.

        Has Valve come out to contradict EA's claims? Why not?

  • Bring back NHL to the PC and I "might" consider installing Origin, otherwise, Steam ftw!! Screw you EA
  • by Anonymous Coward

    ... will always be my favorite game distribution plataform...

  • No way in hell will I use the Origin service, or any games that use it... DO NOT WANT...

    I don't care if its the best game ever and is free, I will refuse to use it

  • NOT coming soon: Reasons to buy them from Origin store.
  • Even if the store isn't broken and works flawlessly (and from what I've heard, that is a big if), I'm still opposed to exclusive Origin titles just on general principles. Withdrawing titles from other services is a huge pain in the ass for the consumer, and does a huge disservice to PC gaming as a whole. It fragments the PC community even more, creating yet another friends list you need to keep track of, and yet another program that needs to be running. Ultimately, PC games can only benefit from a single

    • No worries about EA, as long as customers literally plunge billions into rehashed sports titles every year and plunge about the same amount into lame shooters EA wont go belly up or will see a need to change their ways.
      I would say it is the fault of the Madden etc... customers that EA is well - EA.

Can anyone remember when the times were not hard, and money not scarce?