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Latest Humble Bundle Hits $1 Million 276

dylan_- writes "The Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle — where you pay whatever you want for a collection of games — has just hit the $1 million mark with 1 day and 9 hours left to buy. The games are DRM free, available for Windows, Mac and Linux, and include a donation to the EFF and Child's Play charity. As with previous bundles, Linux users are the most generous, paying an average $9.18, Mac users come in second paying $6.58 leaving Windows users lagging behind, paying $4.11 on average." These stats are presented right on the page dynamically, so you might see slightly different figures — the dollar figure should only be moving one direction, though.
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Latest Humble Bundle Hits $1 Million

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  • And (Score:2, Insightful)

    by ledow ( 319597 )

    Credit Card Transaction Fees: $999,999.99

    • You can pay via PayPal or Google Checkout IIRC. Not sure what fees those guys charge.
      • Paypal's fees are higher than the typical merchant account.

        A merchant account's base rate is about 2.5% (it varies but some sites get bad deals, upward of 15% for pornographers and other niche markets with high chargeback rates, and AmEx is usually a little higher, sometimes 3.5%, debit cards are a bit lower, but corporate Visa/MC are usually significantly higher than AmEx) plus anywhere from 10 to 25 per transaction, which is a killer for a $1.00 item with less than 30% markup but still quite profitable fo

        • by tlhIngan ( 30335 )

          That's if you qualify for a merchant account. eBay/Paypal are the perfect combination of companies because many sellers don't qualify. ANd if they do, Paypal fees can be lower because they don't meet the minimum transaction amounts (quantity of transactoins, quantity of money) that a good merchant account has.

          So Paypal can be evil just because they're the only game in town - it's either bend over to the banks, or bend over to Paypal.

          Basically, if you're Joe Blow, you can't accept a credit card (which kills

    • by !coward ( 168942 )

      Credit Card Transaction Fees: $999,999.99

      Really hope they don't get too screwed by PayPal and Google Checkout.. Got this last week (some story about a game, SpaceChem, being like programming here on slashdot brought me to their page and I was hooked).

      Funny, I thought I was being cheap for offering $10 -- and still do, actually. Not sure about the rest, haven't tried them yet, but Trine, SpaceChem and Shadowgrounds alone would be worth more than that.

      Still, it's great to see developers doing stuff like this: it's a great way to advertise their prod

      • Damn, I paid $30 for Trine when it came out and thought it was worth it. Didn't think they had decent games in the mix..
  • Even though my Mac wouldn't play anything from the last bundle. /shakes fist at OS 10.4

  • I picked up the bundle in order to play Frozen Synapse but I got several other games thrown in because I made a decent contribution. I never heard of most of the games but I have spent the last week playing them. SpaceChem in particularly is extraordinary. It is an extremely challenging puzzle game where you must build complicated machines out of basic building blocks in order to synthesise chemical compounds. It sounds naff but it is incredibly addictive. Beware though the challenges are very tough but I r

    • by rotide ( 1015173 )
      I'll second this. Extremely addicting. The hours just melt away with this game. For better or worse, the game is extremely challenging. Some of the levels just tie my brain into knots!
    • by Ogive17 ( 691899 )
      You got games that weren't included in the bundle?

      If you gave $.01 or $1000, I thought the game bundle would be the same.
  • Perhaps Windows users pay less because they are on a platform which has the highest cost associated with ownership/maintenance. You can do very little with a stock windows install other than run notepad and get on the web. They pay for *everything*.

    Macintosh has a subset of FOSS which works with it (libraries not always compatible) so there are add-on software costs incurred (iTunes downloads).

    Linux users are more comfortable giving a little more because they spend next to nothing on out-of-pocket software

    • by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday October 11, 2011 @10:15AM (#37678924)
      or more likely, Windows users pay less because they have access to the ocean -- by far the greatest variety of affordably-priced software available to them already. Mac users live in a much smaller pond, and so they're willing to pay a bit more when they get a rarer chance to actually play something on their platform. And Linux users, once they've picked their jaw back off the table on finding somebody offering games for their platform, are the most willing to part with their cash in the hopes of seeing their relatively tiny puddle expanded.
      • So part of the problem here is that for most of these game son Windows, the only people buying them from this are ones who are cheapskates of some measure. Reason is the games were available long before on Windows for sale, but at a higher price. I bought Frozen Synapse when it came out for $25. After looking at it, that seemed a reasonable price to me so I picked it up. Being a big computer gamer, I'm used to paying plenty for games. They are my main form of entertainment, it seems reasonable to me.

        Well, t

    • Re: (Score:2, Informative)

      TCO? Really? I like your nick, man. Heh.

      It's supply and demand. Windows users have a huge catalog of games, Mac is in second place, and we all know where Linux sits. Of course Windows users are going to pay the least.

    • by Kjella ( 173770 )

      Windows has a ton of old AAA titles that have hit the bargain bin so the plenty games you can get for $5-10 drives price down. After all the games are already written, so there's no point in not selling them they just gradually go down in price to squeeze the last drops from the market. The other platforms, not so much...

    • by Jaqenn ( 996058 )
      I didn't pay very much for the windows bundle because I already own all these games. Steam has crazy good sales all the time, and I already own everything offered in the current bundle except for Trauma.

      The money I threw in was paying for the games again because I like the bundle and I want them to run another one...but yes, I was stingy about it.
    • by bakuun ( 976228 )
      It's funny how you make a point about how little free software is available for Windows, and then go on to list free software which is available for Linux - but miss the point that all software you mentioned also is available in Windows. For free.
    • You do not have to spend money on software to be productive in Windows (well, beyond paying for Windows itself). There is plenty of F/OSS and free-as-in-beer proprietary software to make you very productive. Some of the commercial software can't be matched by any F/OSS or free-as-in-beer options though, such as Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. If you shoot a lot, Lightroom will save you TONS of time compared to DPP or even RawTherapee, and Photoshop plays better with Lightroom and of course with Lightroom and

  • I give them my email address every time, but they don't email me when a new bundle comes out. I actually missed the last one.

    One wonders how much bigger this promotion would be if they could manage to send email correctly.

    And yes, I checked my spam folder.

    • by tecker ( 793737 )
      Really? I got at least 3 emails from them. The "New bundle going"!, the "Hey, Trauma just got added FOR FREE!!!1!", and the "DOOD! SpaceChem is now in there as well hurry up!" email. You sure you gave them the right email address? Try re-registering or a different email (mine worked via gmail).
      • Yes, they asked me these questions and more when I complained to them, but I still get no email this time around. Mine didn't work via gmail.

        • by jandrese ( 485 )
          For some reason their emails are always getting tripped up in my spam filter. I had to create an explict exception for them.
  • Everyone knows that Linux users don't pay for anything. Just read the comments on any article anywhere!

  • by fallen1 ( 230220 ) on Tuesday October 11, 2011 @12:12PM (#37680328) Homepage

    I should have posted this much earlier, but how about sending out some CONGRATULATIONS! to the Humble crew for proving again that, by putting together a bundle of good games (with good game play), one can not only make a damn decent amount of money but can also do it without encumbering the user with DRM or other restrictions. For that reason alone, I'd buy the bundle every time.

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