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GamePro Shutting Down After 22 Years 91

redletterdave writes "Popular gaming magazine GamePro has shut down its U.S. operations after 22 years of publications by its parent company IDG. GamePro's website, which has been online for about 13 years, will be converted to a gaming channel and incorporated into PCWorld on Dec. 5. Sources within the magazine say GamePro's employees, including its executives, received phone calls this morning with the news. The news comes as a relative surprise, as GamePro experienced its highest traffic ever last week. The company also released its first quarterly magazine earlier this month after deciding monthly print issues were too costly to maintain."
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GamePro Shutting Down After 22 Years

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  • by SharkLaser ( 2495316 ) on Wednesday November 30, 2011 @07:49PM (#38220926) Journal
    That is the sad news. They didn't gain enough visitors. If you look at their traffics and compare to other sites:

    Gamepro [alexa.com]: Alexa rank 6489

    and competitors
    IGN [alexa.com]: Alexa rank 306
    Gamespot [alexa.com]: 412

    They just didn't have a change. Personally, I've never heard about them either. If I had and they gave good content, I probably would.. but I never got there via any means. For the other internet age publications, I found Kotaku and RockPaperShotgun and they serve me gaming news just fine. As for TF2, Reddit does great job.

    So, was there anything special Gamespy offered that the others didn't?
  • by hoxford ( 94613 ) on Wednesday November 30, 2011 @09:32PM (#38221760)

    Slashdot today is a bad joke. I often find better content and discussions on Twitter.

    IMHO, part of the problem is that most Slashdot comments are literally bad jokes. Too many of the comments are feeble attempts at humor by some attention starved idiot who believes he/she is far more clever than they actually are.

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