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New Humble Indie Bundle Goes Live 159

Physicser writes "The latest Humble Indie Bundle has gone live, consisting of Super Meat Boy, Shank, Jamestown, Bit.Trip Runner, and NightSky. Also, if you beat the average price, you receive Cave Story+ and Gratuitous Space Battles. As always, the games are DRM-free, and this is the initial Linux release for all seven. I'm also curious to see what will be added later on, as has been the tradition of the Humble Bundles."
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New Humble Indie Bundle Goes Live

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  • by moderatorrater ( 1095745 ) on Wednesday December 14, 2011 @08:57AM (#38368650)

    And you think this is a small thing but fiddling with getting shit to work quickly brings the value down into the negative - you'd actually like a refund for wasting your time on it. That's not very healthy if you're looking for repeat customers, even for free some things aren't worth it.

    Are you talking about the humble bundle or linux?

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