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5th Edition of Dungeons & Dragons Announced 309

New submitter lrsach01 writes "Wizards of the Coast has announced a 'new iteration' of their Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game. Early information says the game will be more inclusive, with a basic rule set that 'builds out.' This Spring, WotC will be 'conducting ongoing open playtests with the gaming community to gather feedback on the new iteration of the game as we develop it.'"
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5th Edition of Dungeons & Dragons Announced

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  • by chilvence ( 1210312 ) on Monday January 09, 2012 @04:01PM (#38641040)

    They can only wank people about so much before they get the picture though. I used to love how geeky all the dnd books were, now I wouldn't think twice before pirating them, if I even cared enough to keep up to date with what is so obviously a milking game.

  • WoW (Score:3, Insightful)

    by Anonymous Coward on Monday January 09, 2012 @04:11PM (#38641194)

    A lot of people's complaints of 4e is that they basically made a pen and paper version of WoW. Hopefully 5th edition is more like 3.5e which is where they really got D&D right (IMHO IMHO).

  • by Richard_at_work ( 517087 ) <{richardprice} {at} {}> on Monday January 09, 2012 @04:24PM (#38641410)

    I never did get the "rigidity" a lot of AD&D hard core players had in their material - if it wasnt in the book, its not allowed, if it isnt done on a dice role, it isnt allowed etc. I walked away from a lot of groups between the ages of 16 and 22 or so because of that.

    Some of the best role playing I have ever done was with a DM who didn't use any books, didnt use any dice, and jotted rough layouts on paper when they were needed - everything came out of his mind, he made the decisions and the story.

    So, what I think I am trying to say, is that I agree with you in sticking to the 1st edition - and I hope you stick loosely to it ;)

  • But is it fun? (Score:2, Insightful)

    by alexo ( 9335 ) on Monday January 09, 2012 @04:39PM (#38641656) Journal

    Used to play and DM 1st and 2nd edition a couple of decades ago.
    Then life (often spelled with a 'w') happened and I sort of drifted away from it.
    I participated in a handful of one-time meetings where they used the 3rd edition (or possibly 3.5) which seemed to be a mostly welcome evolution of the 2nd.
    I tried running an adventure for my kids based on 4th edition once but it felt like a completely different system, and not in a good way. More like a computer game.
    What's the 5th edition like?

  • Re:But wait (Score:5, Insightful)

    by Culture20 ( 968837 ) on Monday January 09, 2012 @04:45PM (#38641738)

    I'm just finally mastering the 2nd edition rules.

    Tip: If you're a fighter, specialize in darts. First, they're distance weapons. You get 3 attacks per round at first level, and each attack gets your strength damage bonus. (1d3+bonus)x3, plus the ability to spread it out amongst multiple weak enemies, and you can build to 5 attacks per round. Also, since it's a thrown weapon, you get str and dex to-hit bonuses. Beats a fighter with a 2-handed sword easily.

  • by gorzek ( 647352 ) <> on Monday January 09, 2012 @05:05PM (#38642012) Homepage Journal

    I think you missed the memo. Being a nerd is cool now. Turning your kids into nerds means they're gonna get laid more, not less.

    Obviously, the solution is to make sure your kids are jocks and as non-nerdy as possible.

  • by squidflakes ( 905524 ) on Monday January 09, 2012 @05:13PM (#38642144) Homepage

    Have you seen 4th Edition? Too much information is exactly the opposite of what D&D has become. They list your "powers" on freaking cards for Bob's sake and part of the game mechanic is flipping your freaking cards over.

  • by Ihmhi ( 1206036 ) <> on Monday January 09, 2012 @05:29PM (#38642384)

    2009 - Pathfinder

    Pathfinder (which was created by Paizo, the guys who used to do D&D Magazine) is called "D&D 3.75" by a lot of people in the community. It seems to take all of the good stuff from 3.5, get rid of a lot of the bad stuff, and keep the game very interesting without dumbing down any of the rules.

    Pathfinder is what should have happened to 4.0.

    In all honesty, can't they just make plenty of money off of campaign settings and miniatures? I don't really see the need to reset the rules every few years. You'd think they would have this shit down after 35+ years of D&D. =|

  • Re:But wait (Score:4, Insightful)

    by Macgrrl ( 762836 ) on Monday January 09, 2012 @07:11PM (#38643948)

    I seriously don't miss calculating THAC0.

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