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Nintendo Release 3DS XL and New Mario 2 In the USA Today 93

Croakyvoice writes "Nintendo has today released the 3DS XL in the U.S. The console comes with features such as screens which are 90% bigger in size than the original 3DS, a much needed improvement in battery life and also the 3D effect on the console has noticeably improved. The 3DS XL is Nintendo's attempt at even moreso dominating the handheld console market over the PSVita, but also bringing back the gamers lost to the likes of Android and iOS devices. The other major 3DS news of the day is the release of New Super Mario Bros 2, a continuation of the DS game released in 2006. In Japan the game has sold over 800,000 copies since game launch and Nintendo will be hopeful to replicate that success in the U.S."
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Nintendo Release 3DS XL and New Mario 2 In the USA Today

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  • This is one of those put-your-money-where-your-mouth-is situations. From his partner's blog at http://linuxlock.blogspot.com/2012/08/this-is-where-we-are.html [blogspot.com]

    Ken's cancer has just recently begun to spread to his right lymph node but his Oncologist has assured us that this is 80 percent curative if he gets the needed surgery in time.

    Unfortunately, his 1100 dollar a month SSI disability disqualifies him for Medicaid care and the local county low-income insurance he was receiving. This leaves us with about 2 weeks to either raise enough money for at least the OR for the surgery (we are hopeful of finding a surgeon to do the work pro bono) or raise enough money for the entire procedure. We've spent hours upon hours researching and contacting the links some of you have provided but they are so limited in scope that 90 percent of them are not helpful at all.

    We are looking at two weeks, maybe three before the cancer spreads past the point of surgery being an option. After that, we've been told just to make him as comfortable as possible until he passes. I'm not ready to accept that.

    • dear mod (Score:1, Offtopic)

      by arielCo ( 995647 )
      Of course it is Offtopic! It's not about Nintendo's shiny new gadget. Should it be (-1)?
    • by neuro88 ( 674248 )
      I opened this thread to read about the 3DS XL and New Super Mario Bro's 2 (which I've bought via the online shop and I'm downloading on to my regular 3ds). I'm kind of interested in the XL as I'm hoping the larger size will be more accommodating to my adult hands, and the battery life of the 3ds is perhaps even worse than my PS Vita.

      That said, thank you for posting this here. After spending $39.99, I've now donated $50 to Ken Starks. I had never heard of the HeliOS project so I had to look it up... You m
      • by arielCo ( 995647 )

        Thanks a bunch, even though I don't know the guy personally. I only knew about them because it has been posted three times to the Firehose, unsuccessfully

        There's a distro named HelioOS, which I think he contributed to. More importantly, it was the name under which he and his buddies refurbish computers and donate them to kids around Austin (it's "Reglue" now). Google 'Ken Starks TX' and you'll see.

    • why not send him to cuba, or another south american country.

      • by arielCo ( 995647 )
        That's interesting. I won't vouch for Cuban famed health services (I live in Venezuela where they've sent an army of hacks as "payment" for oil), but latin american countries could work. I quoted your suggestion at his blog. If you want, spread the word; more people means better odds.
      • by Synchis ( 191050 )

        Ken actually had an offer from an off-shore surgeon to do the work pro-bono. Sadly, Ken's passport has expired, and the amount of time to get a new passport is prohibitive. We have 2-3 weeks at most to scrounge up the money for the surgery, after which the cancer will have spread too far to be operable. :(

        • You can get a new passport in 2-3 days if you ask for a rush job. It costs more, but it's doable. I actually had to do that once before when an overseas employer waited until the last minute to inform me that I was hired and needed to be there within the week.
        • You can get a US passport with same day service. Appear in person at the nearest passport agency, pay a rush fee, and you're done. Apply in the morning, pick it up in the evening.
  • Wish it had "apps" (Score:4, Insightful)

    by unrtst ( 777550 ) on Sunday August 19, 2012 @01:20PM (#41046881)

    I like the format/size of the DS's, and I wouldn't mind having a little hand held game machine, but I just can't get over all that hardware sitting there and no way to use other apps than just the games. These things have just about everything one would need to call it a micro-netbook or something like that, if only it had any way to do anything other than play games. The homebrew on the DS is there, barely, but they should really just support it out of the box. For example, my household would probably have 3 less ebook readers, and might have skipped 2 tablet purchases and a netbook.

    The bottom screen could easily be a small keyboard (obviously not as nice as a netbook, laptop, or desktop, but it'd work as good as a smartphone onscreen keyboard). You could also do a very nice email client on that thing, using both displays while reading mail. And it has good audio/video support already, so why not a multimedia player (mp3 at least)? Toss a video chat thing on there as well... that'd be kinda handy. As it is, it does a specific set of games better than my phone, tablet, and netbook, but completely lacks every other feature they have, and it's entirely a software issue - that seems very silly IMO.

    FWIW, it irks me just as much that game consoles also have a very large void of apps (and I hate saying "apps", but it fits here). Why can't my PS3 w/ BT keyboard fire up a terminal, ssh, vnc, firefox/chrome, vlc, thunderbird, skype, rythmbox/etc, etc etc etc?

    • That is the walled garden problem. As for the 3ds, it does have Netflix, which is nice if you have headphones, since the 3ds speakers sound a bit hollow.
      • by tlhIngan ( 30335 )

        That is the walled garden problem. As for the 3ds, it does have Netflix, which is nice if you have headphones, since the 3ds speakers sound a bit hollow.

        I think that's a movie problem - the 3DS has some of the best sound on a portable platform using internal speakers. But I suspect it's because the 3DS games use Dolby Surround which helps enhances the audio significantly. DS/DSi games can't use it, and they do sound significantly worse. Perhaps Netflix needs to enable Dolby Surround.

    • The 3DS does have a built-in music player already, if you didn't notice. It support MP3 as well as M4A and it lets you share the names of your most-listened-to songs via streetpass. It's not exactly full-featured and it's mostly meant as a toy, but it's still there.

      As for the other things you suggested... Yeah... I wish the 3DS could have user-developed applications as well.

    • FWIW, it irks me just as much that game consoles also have a very large void of apps (and I hate saying "apps", but it fits here). Why can't my PS3 w/ BT keyboard fire up a terminal, ssh, vnc, firefox/chrome, vlc, thunderbird, skype, rythmbox/etc, etc etc etc?

      Because then you wouldn't call it a game console. You'd call it a general purpose computer. It irks me as well: Artificial scarcity and functionality restrictions need to be shunned.

      I remember playing machines that could only operate one game. Pinball is still fabulously fun, but it's not a market dominator now. The Arcade Cabinets came and followed the same model, one machine, one game. Their programmability allowed the game rules to become more complex and artificial displays freed us from the lim

      • Because then you wouldn't call it a game console. You'd call it a general purpose computer.

        This is what most non-nerds don't get... consoles ARE general purpose computers, only they've been crippled into only working with games and possibly a few other select tasks. This has been made eminently clear by all the aftermarket dashboards for the X-box that would turn it into a full-blown computer, not to mention the whole PS3 Linux fiasco.

        Along the way came the personal computer. Its primary focus wasn't games at all, but performing and computational task, including communicating with others. At first these machines couldn't run games as well as the dedicated game console hardware could, but in time the general purpose computers improved and surpassed the expensive game consoles in terms of processing power

        Not really. Gaming computers have always been more powerful than consoles, provided they're reasonably recent. There's a reason why most console ports have limitati

        • Except for the fact that if they'd make it be a general purpose computer, it would suck.

          Have you ever actually -used- the web browser on the 3DS? Its slow, its clunky and basically useless.

          Sure, it might be fun for us nerds to run Linux on the 3DS, but anytime you try to make a game console be more than a game console, it doesn't really work out.
    • This has bugged me as well. It's a nice piece of hardware, has a touch screen, audio, video, few buttons, wifi. Any app that works your phone could be adapted to work on the 3DS, if the platform was opened up.
    • Re: (Score:2, Insightful)

      by hairyfeet ( 841228 )

      It sounds like what you are wanting is one of the bazillion knockoffs they have at Chinamart. This is why I'm glad that for the most part i have completely weaned my two teen boys off of consoles (I say most part because the youngest will be buying one of these for a single game series he loves that isn't sold on any other platform) because of all the waste. Once its done as a game system? Into the closet it goes, right beside the GC and PS-2.

      Its just a damned shame, that's what it is. as we saw with the Xb

    • by DiEx-15 ( 959602 )

      Why can't my PS3 w/ BT keyboard fire up a terminal, ssh, vnc, firefox/chrome, vlc, thunderbird, skype, rythmbox/etc, etc etc etc?

      Because Sony said so. Nothing more. Nothing less.

      Honestly, did you think Sony wanted you to do all that when they removed the install other OS option?

  • Then maybe I'll consider picking up a copy....

  • Is that an iOS or Android device is likely something that you _always_ have with you. I never go anywhere where my phone isn't in my pocket, and I always have a handful of games with me for a quick fix. As nice as the 3DS XL might be, it's something I would have to carry around extra, and I can promise, it would be left at home most of the time, like my POS camera.

    The app vs dedicated carts is a whole other argument. $10 or so will buy you a premium iOS game, most are $1-$3. The 3DS games are $40, thoug

    • by nstlgc ( 945418 )
      Hardware buttons. Enough said.
    • The problem is, I haven't ever found an Android or iOS game that held my interest for longer than a few seconds. Sure, they might be cheaper but the games are either:

      A) Not fun
      B) Not long enough
      C) Don't work without physical buttons (I'm looking at you Final Fantasy for iOS)
      D) Too expensive for the amount of fun. I don't want to spend $10 for an hour long game.

      Other than emulators, I haven't found a decent game for my Android phone and the emulator kinda kills the portability because in order
    • by Hatta ( 162192 )

      Phone games are for people looking to kill time by playing a game. Portable consoles are for people who love games and don't want to leave them at home. They're entirely different markets and can coexist as easily as magazines and books.

  • Nintendo ... 'nuff said.
  • by Anonymous Coward

    Nintendo doesnt release anything anymore, they only re-release stuff.

    3dsxl is just a 3ds with some tweaks from the dsi which is just a tweaked ds lite which is just a tweaked ds. And "new" super mario 2 is just new super mario wii which is just new super mario ds.

    Nintendo hasnt had an original idea in decades. Everything they release could be prefaced with "Another fucking" and it would fit. Another fucking zelda game, another fucking mario game, another fucking ds, another fucking pokemon game and so on.


  • The first DS I bought on launch day is still working fine (despite being peed on by a cat), and I still have about twenty two games I haven't even started on it, so I can't justify buying this magical box of Nintendo magic just yet.
  • It will be interesting to see what direction they go with their handheld development with the release of the WiiU. The controller for that could be considered a handheld.
  • great, now Nintendo is copying Apple's innovations

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