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Own Every SNES Game Ever Made For $24,999 199

An anonymous reader writes "BSNES author and game collector Byuu has decided to put his entire collection of SNES games up for sale — at the low price of 24,999USD. The collection covers *every* game ever made for SNES, all in the original covers. From the article: 'The seller, who goes by the name "Byuu" on Reddit, says that every single game in the collection comes with its original box and approximately 85 percent of the games come with their original manuals. The collection does not include unlicensed games, and every game has been professionally cleaned and tested. "They all work perfectly," Byuu says.'"
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Own Every SNES Game Ever Made For $24,999

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  • eBay link (Score:5, Interesting)

    by byuu ( 1455609 ) on Monday December 10, 2012 @08:22PM (#42247551)
    [ eBay Link to auction ] [ebay.com]

    I am probably underselling myself here, but I would likely accept the first serious offer for $20K or above.

    That may seem like a lot, but if you do completed auction searches on eBay, you will see that the top dozen or so games (EarthBound, Hagane, Harvest Moon, Incantation, Aero Fighters, 3 Ninjas Kick Back, Metal Warriors, Mega Man X3, ...) routinely sell for $400-1000 a piece when complete in box. The next four dozen easily command $100-350. That leaves you with about $5 per complete in box game for the rest, in a market where the prices have continued to rise steadily for the past several years.
  • Re:eBay link (Score:4, Interesting)

    by byuu ( 1455609 ) on Monday December 10, 2012 @09:28PM (#42248047)
    Willing to try it I suppose. A lot of the trouble is finding the games in the first place. For that, I am going to need people in Europe and Japan who can scour game shops, build up small bundles and ship them internationally all at once. Many of them will be very, very hard to find at all.
  • Re:ROMs (Score:4, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward on Monday December 10, 2012 @10:42PM (#42248527)

    I hope you have to write software to deal with other people's legacy crap some day, so you can know how it feels to be continuously cut up by hacks that have become standard practice before you.

    FYI, cartridge folders will not be required for a later version of higan/bsnes. The intention was not to make it difficult to use ROM files, just to get ROM loading hacks out of the emulator. In the next version, in fact, you will be able to load .sfc files without problem.

    And if you're going to complain about having to have your ROMs in an extension that makes more sense, that's your prerogative. Likewise if you insist on having a 512 byte header that is not actually part of the ROM nor any standard that contains no useful information. But don't go around preaching because people aren't doing things your way. Just because your 15 year old emulator supports it does not mean it is a good thing to support.

    If renaming a file is too much work for SNES emulation, you clearly don't give a fuck about quality in your software. Go grab an old copy of ZSNES, a juice box and get back to those Super Mario World rom hacks.

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