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First Impressions Inside the Project Holodeck VR Game World 49

Hesh writes "The space-pirates themed Project Holodeck game is a VR game that is initially targeted for the Oculus Rift and will marry VR with a world so interactive and immersive that it feels like you can reach out and touch it. Ben Lang over at RoadToVR recently got a chance to sit down with the team and try it out. He came out extremely impressed with how immersive the experience was: '...at one point I needed to set the Razer Hydra controllers down to adjust my helmet and I nearly tried to set them down on a virtual table next to me. There was no table in real life — had I not quickly realized what I was about to do, I would have dropped the controllers straight onto the floor below.'"
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First Impressions Inside the Project Holodeck VR Game World

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Monday February 11, 2013 @08:59PM (#42867247)

    for porn!

    Women who don't manipulate men might stop being so damned rare once men can get all the sex they want from a realistic holodeck.

    If all you want from a woman is sex, you'd be better off paying a professional - then you get what you want without all of the "manipulation" you seem to be experiencing. If you feel you're being manipulated, you're with the wrong woman. There's nothing wrong with compromise or give-and-take in a relationship, but why put up with manipulation?

    Yes that's mighty chivalrous and PC of you but don't kid yourself. Women terminate more than 80% of all marriages and serious relationships that end. Women hold most of the power in most of the relationships because most relationships sadly do have a power-struggle component instead of a partnership model.

    A realistic holographic sex partner would change that for many men because many women weaponize sex, parceling it out like a reward. A realistic AI to go with that would even more drastically alter the outcome of such a power struggle. Women would have to offer something that cannot be replicated, like real caring and real love.

    There is such a woman in my life thankyouverymuch and she is not a manipulator at all. Not one bit. But I had a series of two-faced bitches prior and I find my experience there is not uncommon. That's all. Sorry if telling the truth bothers you or something and makes you feel the need to state obvious shit that isn't what I was talking about, like the need for give-and-take. That is a common strategy - something makes you uncomfortable so you find a way to trivialize it, implying that I was talking about something so easily avoided. Amazing the mental gymnastics people will do to avoid admitting when something gets under their skin.

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