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Oculus Rift Guillotine Simulation 120

An anonymous reader tipped us to news of an interesting hack for the Oculus Rift: a simulation of being beheaded by a Guillotine. Thrown together in a couple of days at the Exile Code Jam, the simulation lets you... "look around to see the blade above, the crowd of onlookers around them, and the executioner who signals the blade be dropped. It also enhances the experience when someone watches the blade falling on a nearby screen and taps the user on the back of the neck at the time of impact." Just a bit morbid. There's a video of people "playing" (nsfw language in a few reactions to being virtually beheaded).
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Oculus Rift Guillotine Simulation

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  • by femtobyte ( 710429 ) on Tuesday May 07, 2013 @12:45AM (#43650529)

    Hey, I'm not a trained professional in maximizing human suffering. You can't expect my glib internet responses to hit on the efficient solutions that real experts in extreme cruelty know. The CIA has undoubtedly dedicated far more time and diligent research to causing unimaginable suffering than I have.

  • by RedBear ( 207369 ) <redbear@redCOMMAbearnet.com minus punct> on Tuesday May 07, 2013 @04:01AM (#43651127) Homepage

    Congratulations, folks... And welcome to the Future!

    We had the era of paintings, then the era of photographs, then the era of moving pictures, then the "talkies" and (gasp!) colorized films, then direct-to-video home porn rental, and now we are entering the era of the "feelies".

    And of course with each new era we have a lovely renewed bout of public "moral outrage" over the increased stimulation the viewer receives with each new technology, and how it contributes to moral depravity that will destroy our nation if it isn't stopped!

    During the coming decade or so we will begin to hear whispers, then breaking news stories, and finally public outcry, hysteria and demands that the government "do something" about all this simulated violence and suicide our children are partaking in, before we tragically lose an entire generation to the "new drug" of Virtual Experiences.

    Brace yourselves, folks.

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