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Valve Announces Family Sharing On Steam, Can Include Friends 263

Deathspawner writes "Valve has today announced its next attempt at a console-killer: 'Family Sharing' is a feature that will allow you to share your Steam library with family and close friends. This almost seems too good to be true, and while there are caveats, this is going to be huge, and Valve knows it. As Techgage notes, with it you can share nearly your entire Steam library with family or friends, allowing them to earn their own achievements, and have their own saved games. 'Once a device is authorized, the lender's library of Steam games becomes available for others on the machine to access, download, and play. Though simultaneous usage of an account’s library is not allowed, the lender may always access and play his games at any time. If he decides to start playing when a friend is borrowing one of his games, the friend will be given a few minutes to either purchase the game or quit playing.'"
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Valve Announces Family Sharing On Steam, Can Include Friends

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  • Re:Steambox (Score:2, Informative)

    by spire3661 ( 1038968 ) on Wednesday September 11, 2013 @03:49PM (#44822425) Journal
    A Steambox is a PC styled as a gaming console. You generally only play games on the system and it is dedicated to gaming/entertainment. I have 3 Steamboxen.
  • Re:No co-op (Score:5, Informative)

    by Jeff Flanagan ( 2981883 ) on Wednesday September 11, 2013 @03:55PM (#44822517)
    I believe so. Maybe he's talking about split-screen on the same console, which seems to be available on more console games than PC games.
  • Re:Steambox (Score:1, Informative)

    by hairyfeet ( 841228 ) <bassbeast1968 AT gmail DOT com> on Wednesday September 11, 2013 @04:56PM (#44823335) Journal

    Sorry, wrong. Steambox is the name of the new valve console and if the rumors are true its gonna be a game changer. Instead of being stuck with one company making one console with one set of hardware, imagine that YOU get to decide what hardware and form factor its in. You can DIY or buy from one of several vendors, want it in a laptop? As long as that laptop meets the minimum specs you can install SteamOS (based on Linux, hence why Valve came out with steam on Linux, to get the bugs out) and you're golden. Want it in a traditional console shape? Several vendors to choose from.

    If this takes off I could see it totally changing the landscape, FINALLY giving console the ability to choose vendors and stores that we PC owners have always enjoyed. This is why my sales of HTPCs have gone up of late, as the increased competition (Steam,GOG,Origin,Desura,GMG,Humble Bundles,etc) makes PCs a MUCH lower cost gaming platform and with Steambox the average Joe will finally be able to just walk into any store and buy a prebuilt system that will open everything up!

    Ironically this is happening at the same time that both major console OEMs are about to release their most bloated platforms yet thus losing one of the biggest selling points for consoles, how they run "bare metal" and thus dedicate every drop of CPU/GPU to gaming. Both the Xbox N and PS4 have been reported to use a full 4GB of the 8GB of memory for the OS, probably for all that TV crap that honestly many won't use nor need as most TVs have that "smart TV' crap built in, and as Jim Sterling noted with this last generation consoles have become just very crappy PCs [escapistmagazine.com] and if Valve manages to pull this off it will be trivial to turn hundreds of millions of PCs into nice consoles.

  • Re:No co-op (Score:5, Informative)

    by Anaerin ( 905998 ) on Wednesday September 11, 2013 @04:57PM (#44823345)
    Read more carefully. The ENTIRE LIBRARY is shared. And not on a per-game basis, it's all or nothing. And if you (as the sharer) decide you want to play one of your games while someone is using your library, they get booted, even if it's not the same game. And if you're sharing your library with two other people, only one of them can play any game at a time. So you can't play Portal while friend A plays CS:GO and friend B plays HL2.
  • Re:Steambox (Score:5, Informative)

    by jxander ( 2605655 ) on Wednesday September 11, 2013 @06:27PM (#44824433)

    So, you call GP wrong, and then say the exact same thing.

    Steambox is a PC designed to hook up to a TV instead of a monitor, with the primary intent of playing games. Valve was the first company to really start pushing this concept, and are currently working on creating a mass produced unit themselves... hence the name is based on their Steam platform. Whether you build it yourself, or buy a pre-built unit from Valve or their partners is immaterial. Whether you limit yourself to Steam games or the other potential vendors (per your list) is also immaterial.

    Best part is, GGP was most likely a sarcastic remark. A tongue in cheek reference to the fact that valve has talked about a mass-produced Steambox for years now, yet nothing has hit the market.

  • Re:No co-op (Score:2, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Thursday September 12, 2013 @04:14AM (#44827633)

    i must correct you.

    only when you attempt to play the game they are currently play are they then booted from the game.

  • Re:Steambox (Score:4, Informative)

    by wonkey_monkey ( 2592601 ) on Thursday September 12, 2013 @07:30AM (#44828297) Homepage
    steambox n. pl. steam-box-es pretentious pl. steam-box-en

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