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Battlefield 4 DRM Locking Out Part of North America Until EU Release 312

An anonymous reader writes "On the whole, Battlefield 4 had a reasonable launch. The have clearly learned from their past experiences with Battlefield 3 and, more notably, SimCity. Still, some customers are unable to access the game (until, presumably, October 30th at 7PM EDT, 39 hours after launch) because they are incorrectly flagged by region-locking. Do regional release dates help diminish all the work EA has been putting into Origin with their refund policy and live technical support? Should they just take our money and deliver the service before we change our minds?"
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Battlefield 4 DRM Locking Out Part of North America Until EU Release

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  • by manu0601 ( 2221348 ) on Tuesday October 29, 2013 @10:15PM (#45275893)
    Is there an official reason for regionally differed releases? I could see a valid one: Spear first-day server load on several periods. Obamacare website has shown it can be important.
    • It's to stagger the load increase on the battlelog backend so that they can address loading issues hour by hour without the whole system crashing. There's still a few bugs to work out but by and large the launch has been quite smooth. None of the unusable battlelog features of the BF3 launch.

    • Sure release it on different dates, but so what if a EU person did buy a copy from the US? Maybe they were in the US then flew home?
      Staggering load doesn't actually explain why they prevent otherwise legit purchases from working.

    • by Mashiki ( 184564 )

      Is there an official reason for regionally differed releases?

      European release dates differ from NA and Asian release dates, and even AUS dates sometimes. Generally, NA/Asian releases are tuesdays, and european are thursday but mostly friday.

      As for regionlocking a game out until the confirmed date, EA is hardly the first one to do this too. Blizzard, Ubisoft, Activision, and pretty much everyone else does this if it's a major release as well. Your second point that splitting server nodes helps, it can help a lot.

      • So your argument is that everyone does it for no reason, so it's fine?

        By that logic, slavery was a-ok in the last century 'cause everyone did it.

    • That does make sense for digital distribution, but in that case it's a copout for building infrastructure to handle the distribution.

      However, in this case it's merely a case of continuing the tradition commonly seen with physical distribution (which attracts the same scorn).

  • I am one affected (Score:5, Informative)

    by ruiner13 ( 527499 ) on Tuesday October 29, 2013 @10:18PM (#45275915) Homepage
    This seems to be tied to certain ISPs, especially Uverse. They claim they can't verify it is a US IP address, even though I'm in indiana and the IP clearly comes up under a US company's IP block (AT&T). The first EA person actually had the nerve to tell me my ISP programmed the release date wrong. The second one said it would be fixed in an hour. Finally after getting a manager he said they are aware of the problem and can only wait until 7pm tomorrow. I asked why don't they just completely remove the lock outs to let people play the game they paid for, acknowledging that some regions may get early access. That was "impossible". I bet people pirating the game are playing just fine, I feel like a fool for parting with $100 for the deluxe edition. Not buying another EA game. Some have suggested using a VPN service to somewhere else in North America that the Origin virus can verify you to North America properly. Silly...
    • Oh yeah I'm sure that the pirates are enjoying the lovely single player campaign as we speak

    • Re:I am one affected (Score:5, Informative)

      by LurkerXXX ( 667952 ) on Tuesday October 29, 2013 @10:33PM (#45276019)

      You buy from EA, you get what you pay for.

      Don't want to pay to be treated like shit? Don't buy from EA.

      It's been that way for years. Why are people acting suprised?

      • "It's been that way for years. Why are people acting surprised?"

        Because people are irrational and stupid. Just look at all the morons that bought Diablo 3 giving the green light to 'online only games' f2p, auction house, and SINGLE PLAYER LAG.

        We just have too many brainless gaming addicts on planet earth.

        • D3 Auction House will be DEAD next year, when the expansion is released.
          • But the single player online requirement wont. So it really doesn't matter. It's still DRM and they've still taken the game code hostage. The whole idea of single-player lag is bullshit. It's got to be the most awful thing especially for hardcore SP mode players.

            • You're not supposed to play alone. Didn't you get the memo? Global playing is hip now. Tell everyone and their dog about the latest achievement you got on facebook and twitter, right out of the game, while connecting your game (which may make no sense at all as a multiplayer experience) with everyone else on the planet. Sim City didn't teach you anything, did it?

              • "You're not supposed to play alone. Didn't you get the memo?"

                I don't care about your fucking corporate propaganda. DRM is DRM this whole "this game was meant to be an MMO" is bullshit. Diablo 2 had online and didn't have single player lag so go please fuck yourself. I don't appreciate them purposely breaking the single player game. The fact that you would defend it, is fucking sick that you'd tolerate such criminality.

        • by lgw ( 121541 )

          Just look at all the morons that bought Diablo 3 giving the green light to 'online only games' f2p, auction house, and SINGLE PLAYER LAG.

          None of those were the reason the game was bad, though (well, auction house did hurt a bit, but they're removing it). The game was bad because it was overproduced and uninspired. It's the brainless gaming senior management that's to blame for that one.

      • You're watching elections and you're really wondering?

        "They dicked us over 8 years ago, so we voted the other guy in 4 years ago and he dicked us over too, so now we'll vote the first party again and then everything will be better".

        Sounds familiar?

    • As a gamedev: Stop leasing games, you fool.

    • If you really feel this way, demand a refund. They will only care if enough people do. But if all they do is bitch, but keep buying, guess what?
    • You paid money to EA. That invalidates you from pretty much any reasonable conversation about the videogame industry.

      Well, maybe as a case study.

      But the truth is that you've clearly proven that you either "Aren't interested in the fundamental debate about videogame industry." or "Don't give a shit about what others tell you and just keep acting the same way".

      Any of those make it quite futile to keep trying to explain.

  • I realized i'm talking to the "the source becomes the documentation" (yes, that was an actual slashdot comment) crowd here but it seems like if you wanted to play a computer game enough you bought it at launch for the benefit of having fun and it's really this much time and effort at some point you have to see some diminishing returns on this. I mean more time and effort trying get it and get it to work than it's worth. Keeping in mind I've only purchased one game pre-launch in the past ten years (Skyrim) s
    • by Khyber ( 864651 )

      The new RoTT blows away BattleField and Cal of Duty left and fucking right. A real soundtrack, real choice of character, awesome weaponry..... And people wonder why I still play old games like Doom/Heretic with the new mods. These older than dirt games kick the pants off of newer games.

    • Keeping in mind I've only purchased one game pre-launch in the past ten years (Skyrim) so maybe I just "don't get it"

      Actually in all the ways that truly matter, that's a sign that you really do "get it". Something so frivolous as commercial amusement should never become so important. The real danger is that companies other than EA may really get this right, make such idolatry comfortable, meaning that the dangers of such horribly faulty priorities in life may never be noticed by those who didn't already understand them.

      • Well I hadn't really intended to go all philosophical with it. I was just trying to say I don't get the appeal of owning the latest hot game on the day it's released. I know people well into their thirties who still pre-order all the latest games and stand in line at the game stop to get it day one. That's what I don't get. The point of that. Maybe the mutli-player of the various Call of Duties etc drops over time so you have to get it day one to have the most fun via the largest pool of other players. Als

      • by lgw ( 121541 )

        I was never much into pre-purchasing games (D3 is my badge of shame), but kickstarter seems very different to me - I'll pay far more to help kickstart an indie game, with far more chance of epic fail,, just to get the big producers/distributers out of the picture and see what the devs can really do.

  • by Megor1 ( 621918 ) on Tuesday October 29, 2013 @10:38PM (#45276063) Homepage
    I checked and it's not on Steam, same with Battlefield 3, looks like EA is trying to force that Origin crap down on people, oh well one less sale for them.
    • EA very publicly pulled out of Steam in 2011, this isn't exactly breaking news.
      • yep pulling out of steam was the intelligent bit, shame they then try to force an even worse version of steam down gamers throats.
        • They didn't pull out of Steam over any sort of philosophical disagreement, they did it because they wanted all of the pie.
          • ... and now they get none of it (from me.)

            • Same here. I don't check up on new releases or maintain a wishlist in a couple of stores. I stick to Steam and so I won't see any EA releases. Between my Steam sale backlog and my GoG backlog I frankly can afford to blissfully ignore EA releases. Their loss since I buy during sales on a whim and sometimes don't even finish the games if I lose interest. I'm looking at you, Machine of Pigs.
          • They didn't pull out of Steam over any sort of philosophical disagreement, they did it because they wanted all of the pie.

            But I don't like shit pie...

  • by jamesh ( 87723 ) on Tuesday October 29, 2013 @10:39PM (#45276075)
    "Shut up and take your money" sounds like a reasonable business plan to me.
    • Umm... they did? It's not like you can't pay, you only can't play.

      It will be a cold day in hell before EA will say something like "sorry, we can't take your money... but hey, if you wanna you can play!"

  • when will you all learn they're ruining PC gaming

  • Serves them right, for giving EA money!

  • by Trax3001BBS ( 2368736 ) on Wednesday October 30, 2013 @12:06AM (#45276703) Homepage Journal

    but you think they'd try. The keybinds don't work, "Well play with the WASD set-up" you say,
    but some of us play with a left handed mouse.

    The graphics are great in some cases (you won't hear many people say that) but causes problems.
    You get out of the water and a sheet of water flows off of you (part of the realism) and it stops you in your tracks,
    All low settings GTX-570. You never know when lag will hit (other than the water) but it sure gets one killed.

    B is a key to open a Map, it opens the console, and you have to press ~ to close it. It's like BF3 all over again,
    you couldn't reassign the Q key for one. BF3 the chat was in your face, the middle of the screen was where people
    typed back and forth, some helpful most calling others names (normal chats), The BF4 map is now in your face;
    it takes up the entire screen which you can change the opacity but you can't view the map no matter how transparent
    and the action of the game at the same time. (I do that with BF3 the mini map is alway open taking up the bottom left
    corner of my monitor, I only play hardcore so the map is the only way you can see people.

    BF3 moved the chat to the side, and allowed one to reassign the Q key, the very things that upset people is how BF4 works now.

    I'd change the keybinds and it would hang on me, I'd let it be and sometimes I could continue,
    other times I had to turn off the power supply, the secret is not to change the jet keys.
    The game profile (a text file) is around 100K, mine was 35,000K and had 678961 lines that had the word jet in them.

    Copy an pasting BF3's helicopter and jet config lines to the BF4 profile is how I configured my game.

    You don't know when you die oddly enough, going along just fine only to find you were killed, it's not
    obvious by any means, I don't know if one gets used to that or not, many times I thought I was still in the game.

    I could go on, multiplayer is a real mess right now. as mentioned it looks like everything they did wrong with BF3 and patched out,
    is how BF4 was released.

    • You have my sympathies about the key bindings. It happens a lot and used to drive me crazy. I switched to WASD some years ago partially due to being sick of re-mapping my keys every time I got a new game but mainly because of carpal tunnel-like symptoms which the switch actually fixed. These days I still get occasionally burned by PC games assuming that I have a official XBox controller when I have a generic one. You'd think it wouldn't make much difference but it can.

      That said, BF4 has been a pretty
  • "Should they just take our money and deliver the service before we change our minds?"
    'we' who? I'll buy an EA game when hell freezes over. They beat Bank of America for worst company on the planet.
  • EA

    You're not in the game.

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