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Behind the Scenes of Wii U Software Development 92

Sockatume writes "Digital Foundry has published an article from an anonymous but trusted developer outlining the challenges of developing for the Nintendo Wii U. The piece confirms some common perceptions of Nintendo, such as their attitude to third party developers, and presents a few surprises, like networking code not being made available to outside developers until the console was almost on sale."
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Behind the Scenes of Wii U Software Development

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday January 14, 2014 @08:48AM (#45950097)

    So, on one side you have EG article with detailed explanations on why it is/was hard to develop for WiiU, with concrete examples, written by a dev. On the other side, on NintendoEthusiast, you've got the following statement:
    "I am not a programmer, but from what I gather the Wii U is not more difficult to develop for than other platforms."

    That basically sounds like a discussion of an adult with a 3-year old.

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