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Future Airline Safety Instructions Will Be Given By Game Apps 64

vrml (3027321) writes "They revealed the existence of their project only to aviation safety specialists at the recent FAA Conference on Cabin Safety in Philadelphia (PDF). Now a team of Italian researchers from the HCI Lab of the University of Udine has publicly released the first in a set of aviation safety apps on which they are working. Their mission is to propose novel, first-of-their-kind solutions to a well-known problem in aviation safety: passengers lack preparedness about what to do in aircraft emergencies, and do not pay attention or do not clearly comprehend the pre-flight briefings and safety cards used by airlines to instruct them about safety. So the project is re-inventing safety cards and briefings with new media, turning them into games and apps. The first game they decided to release focuses specifically on the 'Brace for impact' position: players can pose the body of their avatar in the 3D airplane cabin and get a personalized simulation of a crash landing . To win the game, you must save your avatar (and yourself)."
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Future Airline Safety Instructions Will Be Given By Game Apps

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  • Re:Oh great (Score:5, Insightful)

    by stoborrobots ( 577882 ) on Friday April 11, 2014 @02:53AM (#46722645)

    It's not like you're missing anything, if the plane comes crashing down having your tray table up won't safe you...

    This is an example of where a lack of understanding of the risks involved leads to a lack of appreciation of the safety requirement.

    You're right: in a "falling out of the air" crash where the aircraft is destroyed, having the tray table secured won't save you.

    However, the vast majority of aircraft don't fall out of the sky.

    Let's consider the real likely outcomes:

    The plane touches down a little too fast, and decelerates particularly hard. Almost certainly all the passengers will survive. Having your tray table down allows it to fly upwards as a result of the braking force, hitting your chin on the way through and giving you either severe whiplash, a broken jaw, or a concussion. Having your tray table secured will ensure that none of those happen, and the worst possible outcome is moderate whiplash.

    Similarly with having the seat back upright vs reclined: a passenger thrown forward as a result of the rapid deceleration is more likely to hit a reclined seat (which is thus closer to them) than an upright one.

    Being in the brace position means that your body is as far forward as it physically can go, which reduces the likelihood that your head or arms are thrown forward into the seat in front.

    The safety instructions are not there to help you survive a destructive crash, they're there to reduce the number of injuries you receive in a non-fatal crash.

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