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BioWare Announces Dragon Age Inquisition For October 7th 79

An anonymous reader writes "Today BioWare announced a new game in its popular Dragon Age RPG series titled Inquisition. The game will follow the story of an Inquisitor trying to rally the world against the magic-laden forces spewing from rifts opening to another place. The game's creative director, Mike Laidlaw, says players will be able to watch the world descend into chaos, and then deal with the burdens of power as they rally forces in opposition. BioWare is also taking the opportunity to fix all of the things they broke in Dragon Age 2: 'Top-down tactical view is back. Playable races are back. The game seems to have more of an emphasis on challenge thanks to non-regenerative health.' The game will launch on October 7th for the PC, PS3/4, and Xbox 360/One."

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BioWare Announces Dragon Age Inquisition For October 7th

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday April 22, 2014 @11:30PM (#46820195)

    Are the enemy spawn waves gone? That's why I stopped playing DA2: having enemies spawn into the middle of my party when I thought I was done fighting and (as such) had expended all my mana was not fun. I liked that I actually knew what was happening in DA:O and had some capacity to plan and deal with it.

    • The DA2 was a total failure.
    • by Anonymous Coward

      From what I read, both the fights and the resource management are going to be a lot more challenging. For one, there won't be as many healing potions and mages can't just spam healing spells as they used to in DA:O. Additionally, creatures inhabit the maps. Giants roam the place and dragons guard their nests and your party can run into them quite unprepared. (Source in german: []

      Having played through DA:O without death of my character on the highest difficulty, I am looking forward to the changes

    • What irritated me was the long cooldowns on powers, combined with magical thieves everywhere who attacked out of invisibility then went back invisible, repeat.

      Fights devolved into protracted attrition rolls of the dice, where you tried to position non-casters to eat these every-round hyper backstabs until your casters' blasts recycled. Tank could eat two, everyone else a 1-hit 1-round speed bump sacrifice. If they backstabbed a caster, sigh, reload. If one of your blasts didn't hit, or for enough, sigh,

    • That shouldn't have been your ONLY problem with two...
  • I still remember this thing called Dragon Age 2...which really wasn't a dragon age game, but you never really did say you screwed up royally on it there Bioware. In fact, I seem to remember that you never apologized for the cookie cutter layouts, or gutting the game in the first place. We shall wait, but faith has not been restored, especially after ME3's ending.

    • by Anaerin ( 905998 )
      They did apologize for it. A few times. They've been showing DA:I around before it was officially announced, and they specifically called out "No more cookie-cutter levels".
      • by gl4ss ( 559668 )

        the cookie cutting wasn't that much of the problem.

        it was recycling the same places over and over and over again. that's not cookie cutting. that's just being lazy.

        • EA corrupts everything they touch: BioWare, DICE...
        • That's literally what cookie-cutting is. That's what happens when you use a cookie cutter to cut cookies. All the cookie shapes end up the same.

          I actually got over that very quickly. Board games are often like that, and I like board games. I couldn't stand the repetitive combat with the continuous enemy respawn. I thought it was a very neat conceit the first time it happened, but I quickly realized that it was *every combat*, regardless of whether it made sense. Also didn't like the bland mechanics an

          • Yeah, just remeber Mass Effect was just as bad with its cookie-cutting, but since combat was fun and characters were interesting (compare and contrast: Garrus and Wrex versus Anders and... Fenris), it ended up being a good game. DA2 was so easy and repetitive it was painful. It's not what ruined it for me, though. At least not solely. Terrible dialogue, limited control over the poor plot and needless and jarring redesign (the Qunari and Flemeth, for instance) all contributed to a slightly below mediocre exp

        • I wouldn't have minded the re-use of zones so much if they had bothered to blank out the sections they weren't using on that run from the automap. That was the final straw for me - kind of a "See, we're not just re-using sections, we're going so far as to rub it in your face"
      • by Mashiki ( 184564 )

        Actually they didn't. Going as far as to say that people preferred DA:O, "so we'll probably bring those back." But they defended all their design decisions in DA2.

  • Hmm (Score:2, Insightful)

    by Anonymous Coward


    DRM infested great game created by a company that is unfortunately at the mercy of EA.

    Don't get me wrong, I believe you are probably right about the DRM infested bit, and I'm personally of the opinion that EA blows ass in general.

    But despite the mistakes they've made in the past, I still generally regard Bioware as a company that creates excellent video games, and as such, the announcement of Dragon Age 3 to me isn't something to snort derisively at, but something to look forward to with a bit of wari

  • by Anonymous Coward

    Yes yes, most of us are going to pirate the crap out of it, many of us even having bought it that same day, but let's think about what the new Dragon Age really is promising.

    Important, burdensome decisions (like what color of explosion you want at the very end), Inquisitor.

    The weight of (small squad) command (in a videogame with plenty of healing and recuperation options - even if your health isn't regenerating like a shield system anymore) Inquisitor.

    A colorful cast (okay that one we have to give them, wit

  • by Iamthecheese ( 1264298 ) on Wednesday April 23, 2014 @03:00AM (#46820789)
    The characters look great and the tactics compelling but there's one important question the preview didn't even try to address: Is the gameplay as carefully balanced and the world at least as immersive, large, and interesting as Skyrim plus expansions? No amount of eye candy can make up for weak gameplay mechanics or a small world. Is the dialogue matched to gameplay? Is it matched to the gamer's style? Is it close enough to bug free that immersion isn't lost? Is the mechanic for buying and selling goods balanced? Does the game support all possible playing styles without falling apart in some way? Is the AI at least decent?
    • There are gameplay youtube clips as well.
    • by Yosho ( 135835 )

      as carefully balanced ... as Skyrim

      That's not really a very high bar right there. Invest a little bit in stealth, archery, alchemy, or blacksmithing, and you can easily break the game.

      Is it close enough to bug free that immersion isn't lost?

      Actually, are you sure you played the same Skyrim as everybody else?

      • as carefully balanced ... as Skyrim

        That's not really a very high bar right there. Invest a little bit in stealth, archery, alchemy, or blacksmithing, and you can easily break the game.

        Is it close enough to bug free that immersion isn't lost?

        Actually, are you sure you played the same Skyrim as everybody else?

        I tend to give Skyrim a pass on some of those balance issues because there's about a million ways to play the game, so it's likely that someone will find a golden path or two. I don't recall the game being quite as easy to break as you make it out to be, but then, I didn't actively seek out those methods, and just had myself a few hundred hours of fun. In a sandbox type game, if you really want to ruin your own fun by breaking the game with obscure tricks and mechanics, it's on your head. I was much more

    • All good questions, but many are still premature. Remember this is due to be released in October, which means going gold sometime ~6 weeks prior (or something like that). They'd have to have things wrapped up in August, and we're in April. Plenty of time for a death march. This is all my speculation.

      Is the gameplay as carefully balanced and the world at least as immersive, large, and interesting as Skyrim plus expansions?

      I doubt they could do much about world size now, being so late in development. Immersion depends entirely on the players suspension of disbeleif. Some people find the old-school Thief games incredibly immersive,

    • by dkman ( 863999 )
      It doesn't need to be bigger than Skyrim. It needs to be in the vein of DA:O.

      That said, I'm interested in how it handles an alt+tab or even an escape (pause). DA:O still runs in the background, whereas Skyrim sleeps.
      If you run something like Open Hardware Monitor you'll see what I mean.

      - Launch the monitor
      - Watch it for a minute to get a baseline
      - Launch Skyrim and stand in game for 15 seconds
      - Hit Alt+Tab
      - Watch CPU and Graphics temps plummet
      - Close Skyrim and repeat with DA:O
      - CPU and Graphics
  • by kruach aum ( 1934852 ) on Wednesday April 23, 2014 @03:12AM (#46820837)

    To speak in the words of the venerable Michael Scott, "Fool me once, strike one, but fool me twice... strike three." What Bioware has proven over and over again is that they haven't been able to make any proper decisions involving their games since they released the "are you ready for the new shit?" trailer to promote DA1. Again and again they have alienated their core player base in order to appeal to a wider market... and failed. DA2 was a pile of shit, the ME3 ending an abortion that turned everything they said over the course of the development of the entire ME series into a lie ("the ending won't simply be a button you push in the last five minutes of the game!"), and the departure of the Doctors the final nail in the coffin. I'm not even going to pirate this. Before ME2, the last game worth my time Bioware produced came out in 2003. It's over, we're never going to get another Baldur's Gate 2, at least not from Bioware.

    Though I'm hopeful about Pillars of Eternity.

    • by Anonymous Coward

      PoE looks promising, yes, and don't forget there is still some excellent community content [] being produced for the venerable NWN2 engine, which by now has had the release bugs fixed. Some of the community content is far better than what shipped with the game.

    • I think you follow game marketing more closely than you should. They're always going to exaggerate how new and exciting their games are going to be, so why listen to marketing?

      DA1, for example, was enjoyable by most standards. I'm not sure what "new shit" you were expecting, since I didn't bother with the trailer, but if you had realistic expectations not buoyed by marketing hype, it was good.
    • Before ME2, the last game worth my time Bioware produced came out in 2003.

      DA:O was amazing, Jade Empire and Mass Effect 1 were very good as well.

  • The combat looked exactly as crappy. I saw lots of rolling and the jump/zoom 40 feet to kill monster. They are making some noise about tactical gameplay, but the guy flat out says you can play the whole thing as an action game. The same shit that made DA2 combat suck. Without even getting into all the other ways DA2 sucked (amazingly ugly, emtpy levels, backtrack over same 3 places over and over, completely uncompelling story, forgettable characters, I honestly can't remember anything I actually liked). I w

  • Sorry, but the Inquisition and its agents is one of the darkest, most evil things humans ever did. I am not going to play one.

  • by mfh ( 56 )

    Nobody expects the Inquisition!

  • I really enjoyed the first game. Pre-ordered the second. It was complete trash in comparison.

    I'll be waiting for the user - not the lying paid critic - reviews before I fork out for this one.

    • "It's different, now i hate it. It's the same, now I hate it"

      I never pre-order anything. I'll never trust that a sequel will automatically be as good as the first. They have to change things up, but they also have to keep good things in. They are liable to make mistakes. Hopefully 3 will incorporate learnings made from the failure of DA2. But I won't pre-order it. I wouldn't pre-order a Borderlands 3 game, even though I was very happy with both BL1 and BL2.

      They should never be able to fool people, but so ma

  • Dragon Age can be one of my favorite game, not only because I like the middle ages style, but also the way we players can play. I think the character of each people is very clear, they have their own styles of living attitude. But I still think DA1 is better than DA2 (or Bioware is preparing something amazing for DA3?), DA2's conception of world is a little small, it just happened in a small town, and just branch line of DA1..However, it's very nice of that DA2 can inheritthe data of DA1 !! And I'm going to

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