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Mini Gaming PCs — Promising, But Not Ready 83

An anonymous reader writes "Ars has reviewed an AMD-powered mini gaming rig made by Gigabyte. The box itself is small and solid, and it runs a pretty beefy video card for its size. The manufacturer even claims Linux support, though the device ships with Windows 8.1. Unfortunately, reality lags a bit behind their plans — Ubuntu boots OK, but driver support is a mess. SteamOS won't run at all. The box is also limited by a mediocre CPU, which is itself limited by heat and power constraints. The review says the machine was 'intriguing and frustrating in equal measure' because 'its ambition is rarely matched by its execution.' It concludes: 'With some time and some different components, a little desktop that can deliver a great gaming experience will surely follow.'"
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Mini Gaming PCs — Promising, But Not Ready

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  • by rivaldufus ( 634820 ) on Wednesday April 30, 2014 @09:27AM (#46877789)
    It does perhaps show that AMD is (hopefully) figuring out some way they can continue as a processor company.

    Very much off topic, but... Has anyone else noticed the usual review structure on Ars (and I read this review at Ars yesterday)? It got the usual Ars non-Apple headline: say one (vaguely) positive thing in the headline and one negative thing (and negative to the point of cancelling out any positive)

    If it's a Samsung device, it'll be like:
    The New S5 Has a Lot Features, But Most of them are useless
    If it's about smart watches, they all seem to read like this:
    The New Pebble Has Better Aesthetics, but We're Waiting for THE WATCH (from Apple)

    Apple reviews over there are almost 100% positive (and they get very defensive when people point this out.) They even maintain an Apple evangelist at all times, and their Android "Evangelist" is generally pretty negative about the droid and truly hates Samsung. Every Samsung review he writes talks about the device first and then spends the second half explaining why Samsung sucks.

    It was so bad at one point, I started trying to figure out if Apple owned part of them.

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