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Sony Bringing PlayStation To China 41

VentureBeat reports that one market formerly closed to console makers is opening up in a big way. An excerpt: "One month after Microsoft announced its launching the Xbox One in China this September, Sony today announced that its PlayStation business is coming to the world’s most populous country. It’s unclear which PlayStation hardware and games will come to China — or when — but it’s reasonable to assume Sony will bring its PlayStation 4 console (and perhaps its PlayStation Vita handheld) to China later this year. The Chinese game industry is already worth $13 billion, most of which gets spent on PC and mobile. That’s not console makers’ fault: China implemented a console ban in 2000, saying it would protect children from violent video games. As soon as the Chinese Ministry of Culture said it would begin working on new rules, Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony all expressed interest in bringing their consoles to the country. Like Microsoft, which is working with Chinese media firm BesTV to bring the Xbox One to China, Sony also has a local partner: Shanghai Oriental Pearl Culture Development (OPCD). Both OPCD and BesTV are subsidiaries of China’s Shanghai Media Group."
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Sony Bringing PlayStation To China

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  • Forgotten History (Score:2, Interesting)

    by tuppe666 ( 904118 ) on Monday May 26, 2014 @09:08AM (#47091827)

    All that whining over OtherOS being removed and Geohot being prosecuted was Sony protecting their platform from piracy.

    The reason for the removal of OtherOS was the (Risks? associated with the Other OS being outweighed!? by) the tax benefits imposed on importing consoles into the EU as computers being withdrawn. A feature available since the PS2.

    I personally lament the loss of this feature. More so with the introduction of this generation of hardware which simply preform better as full computers not appliances and the massive strides GNU/Linux has made.

    The worst of it it became about "hating" on Sony, not a real campaign for more open devices or tax incentives to be so. The result is the Xbox One (Surface RT...iDevices etc etc)

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