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Alienware Swaps SteamOS For Windows 173

An anonymous reader writes "Valve left many OEMs hanging when they delayed Steam machines until sometime next year to work out their controller issues. Many of these companies excitedly showed off new Steam machine hardware that they cannot ship, so Alienware has been the first to re-purpose its Debian-based Steam machine to be a Windows-based Steam machine bundled with an Xbox controller. While Windows 8.x has not been particularly well-received it does support a lot more games than Linux and when configured to boot straight into Steam Big Picture mode the influence of the underlying OS is visible only in the larger game library."
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Alienware Swaps SteamOS For Windows

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  • by aliquis ( 678370 ) <> on Wednesday June 11, 2014 @01:18AM (#47209333) Homepage

    Linux didn't made much sense for the consumer anyway.

    This must be somewhat disturbing for Valve. Then again I doubt many individuals was asking for a Steam specific OS.

    Disturbing because if it all released at the same time then at least they'd have some hype now you'll just have small gaming PCs where you either get Windows and kinda all games or the Steam one which only run a small part of all the titles.

    Yay! Which one are you going to pick? ... Oh and the Windows one run the software you're used too as well.

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