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Sony Working on 'PlayStation 4.5' With Enhanced VR and 4K Support ( 66

An anonymous reader writes: Citing multiple sources, Kotaku says that Sony is working on a 'PlayStation 4.5.' The gaming console will supposedly have an upgraded GPU which will support high-end 4K resolution for games, and have more processing power which would enhance the games supported by PlayStation VR. From the report, "A more powerful PS4 would also allow the machine to be more competitive with PCs in the world of virtual reality. With a higher-end GPU, the PS4 could more easily match up against the more expensive Oculus Rift and HTC Vive virtual reality headsets, which are designed to work with powerful PCs."
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Sony Working on 'PlayStation 4.5' With Enhanced VR and 4K Support

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  • It'll be a slim with 4K video support.
  • by NotDrWho ( 3543773 ) on Friday March 18, 2016 @04:27PM (#51726809)

    "We want to bring the hardware confusion of the PC market together with the low-power of the console market," said Sony. "Think of it as bringing together the worst of both worlds."

    "Already done it," responded Valve's Gabe Newell.

    • Yep, officially one of the worst rumours I've heard in a long time. I recently gave up PC gaming for good. Too old, too poor, not enough time. I love just plug, play on my consoles. I can deal with 30fps vs 60 or 90, I don't mind the sub 1080p games, they normally squeeze out pretty nice graphics for a $400 box.

      The thought of the consoles take a PC-esque route is frankly, gross to me. Awful idea.

      • The first time I find myself having to check the box of a console game to see if my console meets the system requirements is the day I just go back to PC gaming for good. If I have to deal with all the hassles of PC gaming, I may as well get all the benefits too.

  • PS4K (Score:3, Insightful)

    by Anonymous Coward on Friday March 18, 2016 @04:33PM (#51726843)

    if they don't call it the Playstation 4K i will be disappointed

  • Just asking.

    (I have a PS4 and an xBox)

  • This is for point five the players.
  • Microsoft is also apparently working on increasing the XBox's graphical capabilities. According to rumor, the improved XBox will come with support for up to 16 hardware sprites on screen at a time, and the ability to free up more memory for developers by turning off the BIOS mapped into $A000...

    • How disingenious of you, the limit is 16 hardware sprites on a scanline. Way more can be shown on screen if you're careful.

  • Wow, I'm astonished of how bad Sony manages their gaming consoles.

    They started out really great by literally introducing affordable hardware 3D for everyone, opened it up with Linux later on - and was still the best alternative for free to play via the internet, something that made their PS3 stand out from the rest, Xbox declined...people souring up over being the only console where you have to play to pay...

    And what the HELL happened to you guys?

    First you rape the customers in the butts by telling th
  • Nintendo recently tried this with the new 3DS. To date, only two games have been made exclusively for the new hardware (not counting the recent introduction of snes virtual console games). The problem is that publishers are always reluctant to ignore an already existing, and extremely large, install base of older hardware. The same thing happened in the transition between console generations recently.

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