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Sony PlayStation 5 Unlikely To Arrive Until 2020: Gizmodo ( 46

A recent online rumor got people buzzing about a possible 2018 release of PlayStation 5, but that's probably not going to happen, Gizmodo reports. Citing a source, the outlet says it believes the next PlayStation may not arrive until 2020. From the report: It's been nearly five years since the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One launched, which has triggered bouts of nervousness and excitement among video game fans who want to know when they'll have to start hoarding pennies for a new generation of consoles. The PS4 launched seven years after the PS3, the Xbox One eight years after the Xbox 360. It's not unreasonable to be thinking about the next generation. We don't have a concrete answer just yet, but we have been asking around, and what we've heard is a whole lot of uncertainty.

Sony PlayStation 5 Unlikely To Arrive Until 2020: Gizmodo

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  • I just bought my PS4 last summer. I typically wait until a couple of years after the new version comes out before buying it so I can get the "greatest hits" versions for $20. So if it comes out in 2020, I'll get it in 2023.
  • Good. (Score:4, Interesting)

    by RyanFenton ( 230700 ) on Tuesday April 10, 2018 @04:21PM (#56414367)

    The last console I worked with was PS3, but I think a bit of market delay here is a good idea.

    An upgrade over this generation of hardware wouldn't get you much over a PS4. Sure, some percent increase - but it would feel more like being forced into an upgrade cycle, rather than really buying to get some new important capability with the new system.

    Don't get me wrong - a top-of-the-line video card and SSD would make for a transformation of the 4k experience and all... but it would make for a $1400 console at the moment.

    Better for Sony to let the manufacturers know what they want, get the plants tooled, techniques tested, then make that same console for $500 in a couple of years. In the meantime, everyone can develop with expensive PC testbed dev kits, then the manufacturers can test that everything can function and pass those same tests.

    That, and we still haven't seen the likes of Kingdom Hearts 3 on the PS4 - the development cycle on games is still catching up with PS4-level development. Give your local devs some breathing room.

    Ryan Fenton

    • Don't rain on my parade. I for one am looking forward to the X-box One Prime and XB1 Double-prime. I'm even more excited about the PS4 Elite and Ultra Super PS4 Championship Arcade Edition, with new Challengers.

  • by Anonymous Coward
    Wait until hardware advances till we can get 60FPS 8K. But with hardware advances being taken by crypto miners and phones it could be a long time.
    • by ELCouz ( 1338259 )
      Wait until they cryptomine on PS4 or XboxOne.....then i'll grab my popcorn!
    • by Anonymous Coward

      4k has had incredibly slow adoption due to the limited benefits to most, 8k I would not expect any significant adoption of for another decade at least, their is no point.

    • Maybe they're waiting for the cryptocurrency bubble to pop so that GPUs drop in price.
    • by Ranbot ( 2648297 )

      Wait until hardware advances till we can get 60FPS 8K.

      That would keep pace with the TV tech cycle, and Sony also sells TVs....

      Also, giving VR gaming a couple more years to mature may be good for Sony so they can be sure their new console can support whatever that market does.

      It's also well-documented that the tech upgrade cycle is generally slowing down for all consumer computing devices (e.g. desktop/laptop computers, mobile phones/tablets, etc.), so if everything in the market is slowing it's silly to expect game consoles would maintain the same upgrade sche

  • An article about what's not happening this year, and no real data on when something might happen?

    Slow news day, folks?

  • Im sure they're sitting in a conference room trying to come up with a way to outdo their PS4 campaign of molten crying babies and preteens with swollen heads.
  • by Type44Q ( 1233630 ) on Tuesday April 10, 2018 @04:51PM (#56414513)
    Didn't the PS 4 Pro (with 2x the graphics performance, for VR) just come out within the past year??
    • Re:So fucking what? (Score:4, Interesting)

      by Hadlock ( 143607 ) on Tuesday April 10, 2018 @05:08PM (#56414601) Homepage Journal

      The VR edition of the PS4 should hold off things until the VR market begins to mature and software development workflows standardize, at which point, yeah the PS5 should be ready and be VR compatible out of the box; VR display technology will have matured, graphics hardware technology will drop in price etc... 2020 sounds about right.
      The iPad had a couple of years of very fast revisions and major upgrades, and at this point the technology is stable and as good as anyone would ever reasonably need. VR has been moving at a similar pace, although perhaps twice as slow. We're just a few years away from retina quality displays and the hardware to drive them. Modern VR has only been a thing for two years to the week and Sony is going to need six months to eighteen months to put together a final spec, ramp up manufacturing and get developers trained for the new system.

      • The problem with the iPad is that Apple is fucking clueless about standardizing / supporting a gamepad API. Instead we are forced to use shitty touch screen controls that obscures the view.

  • by Anonymous Coward

    Since AMD has been the supplier for Xbox One and PS4, it'll probably be the same for the next generation. Only it should be a lot better than Bulldozer this time around. Four- or six-core hyperthreaded CPUs (or maybe even octacore, especially if AMD is working on a laptop competitor to Intel six-core).

  • by ArhcAngel ( 247594 ) on Tuesday April 10, 2018 @04:56PM (#56414545)
    If Sony is exceeding sales figures for the PS4 (they were in December) then they will postpone any talks about a successor until the numbers begin to fall. Any rumors about a replacement will stall sales of the existing model. They may well have the PS5 ready to go but it makes no sense to introduce it if the existing model is still selling well.
  • made illegal or unprofitable enough to destroy the mining market so they can not lose as much per unit with current GPU costs.
  • Yay (Score:4, Funny)

    by Greyfox ( 87712 ) on Tuesday April 10, 2018 @07:08PM (#56415169) Homepage Journal
    Just in time to force a complete rewrite of Kingdom Hearts 3, delaying the game by another 8 years.
    • by Anonymous Coward

      I waited over 2 years for Gran Turismo Sport. If the PS5 gets a new Gran Turismo game that only works on PS5 I'll be pissed off, then go out and buy a PS5.

  • The performance increase they could attain right now, even in the $600 US target simply would be very, very little.

    As both Sony and MS use AMD tech (weak CPU, semi-decent GPU) the theory is the next one will move to a 'full' Zen desktop core (or close to it) and a more modern GPU design. Even then, the heat and cost would be high. They need 'true' 7nm to be up and running, I strongly suspect, before considering this.

    On top of this game dev cycles are slower due to more complex games and console profitability generally comes towards the late stage in a console life, where they still make their 5 to 10$ per game but there's 70 to 150 million of the things in peoples hands. (ie: even 'crappy' games ship 2 million copies)

    Furthermore, the industry appears to be considering the cell phone model of next gen stuff is going to be backwards compatible. (Hopefully) so a PS5 will likely ship, running your PS4 and PS4 Pro games even smoother, MAYBE PS5 games work on PS4 / PS4 Pro

    Either way, as tech slows, the need to move to the next cycle is decreasing. If Xbox 360 got 7, PS3 got 8. I suspect we'll see at least similar figures for the next consoles. (2020 or so)

    Oh and FWIW, having now got a console at launch, in the hype? Never again. The PS4 and Xbox One are now, worth considering, with a decent range of games and somewhat discounted consoles. Buying at launch you get stuck with a limited library (assuming no BC) and high prices. Just wait at least 24 months for bugs to be ironed out, better game library, potentially quieter models. Etc

  • by Opportunist ( 166417 ) on Wednesday April 11, 2018 @07:17AM (#56417087)

    Computers did it, phones did it. And consoles do it too. We have arrived at the point where there isn't much room for expansion for consoles anymore. Especially when they keep breaking compatibility with older games. Why should I buy a PS5, then buy every game again (yes, yes, in their "new" edition, which is basically the same game I already have with a different number next to the franchise name), when what I have isn't that different? Better graphics? Well, technically, yes, but do I even have a TV to see it? And if I have a TV to see it, can I actually see it? I'm the first to admit my eyesight isn't perfect (hey, I'm getting old) but do you really see the difference from HD to p5000whatever? And, more important, does it warrant forking over the money for a new console and a stack of games?

    The next generation of consoles better has something really good in store if they want to convince gamers to buy their library of games all over again.

    • by hipp5 ( 1635263 )

      Yeah, at this point what I really want to see is the PS4 line to take another price cut. It's getting to the point where there's a critical mass of games I want to play, but I'm not ready to pay $500 for the Pro, and it feels wrong to buy the Slim when the Pro exists...

    • Was just going to post the same thing.

      This is planned obsolescence.

      It's no better for the consumer because they can't tell the difference and it costs A LOT of money.

      It's also no better for Sony because they lose money on each console.

      This is just chasing the wind.

      But that describes basically all the activity in the world.
  • On track for the PS9 in 2078 [].

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