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Facebook's Phone-Free, Wireless 'Oculus Go' VR Headset Is Released Today 34

UnknownSoldier writes: The Oculus Go is finally available for purchase. Amazon is selling the 32GB model for $199, while the 64GB model is selling for $249. As a standalone virtual reality unit, it doesn't require a computer or phone to use. Ironically, you must use a phone for the initial setup. Reviews are out on The Verge and Ars Technica. The TL;DR -- Pros: Inexpensive; Cons: LCD, fixed 72 Hz rate, limited motion tracking. Will 2018 finally will be the year of cheap VR?
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Facebook's Phone-Free, Wireless 'Oculus Go' VR Headset Is Released Today

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  • given the specs of that gadget, 2018 will mostly be the year of the cheap headache.

    I have an almost-decade-old VR headset with specs better than that.

    (the slow LCD causing motion blur combined with the limited motion tracking are going to be kill*ing* features).

    • The reviews so far have been favorable:

      "The headset manages to feel more high quality than the Rift in a lot of ways. Comfort-wise, I would say the Oculus Go bests even the first-gen Google Daydream View headset." []

      "The visuals far exceed those on a phone powered headset. This is due in part to the new LCD display which boasts a 2560 x 1440 resolution and some very well designed lenses. Content looked crystal clear and pin sharp, instantly impressing." https://www.vrfocus []

      • I'm not criticizing the picture quality.

        I'm just pointing out that the thing they cut back on (refresh rate/transition speed of LCD, lower quality tracking) are the exact cause of motion sickness and headache in VR.

        To take the matephore of Ars Technica : Yes, like the author mentions, it's like back at the beginning of MP3 player (back when they were expensive due to the HD drive inside), there were a few Asian no-name who thought about slapping a cheap MP3-decoding chip on a cheap portable CD-player.

    • Your later comment put the list price of the headset you bought a decade ago at $1200-$1400 (2x the intro price you quoted). That headset did not include a built-in computer, either, and had to be connected to one (so add another $1000 or more to that cost).

      My question is "how the fuck are you surprised a $200 standalone headset doesn't match the specs of $2200 ($2800 if you adjust for inflation) worth of equipment?"

      • And the intent I was having with my common :
        "We know for an extremely long time that fast displays and high precision tracking are absolutely key points so people don't suffer from nausea.
        10 years ago we were already been achieving better on that front that this cheap VR headset"

        Yes, my old equipment did cost a lot a decade ago. Because they tried to achieve this spec with tech that was available to them in 2005.

        But a decade later, if we absolutely try to stick to at least this level of nausea-prevention, w

  • This sort of VR is barely any better than Google Cardboard (which is awesome)....super cool technology without decent software. What I'm waiting for is better VR content and an ecosysytem that makes it really easy to browse/share/deal with 360 degree photos and videos.

    • I'm waiting for something more flexible. I have a Gear VR myself but the inability to adjust the interocular distance on it gives me grief. That could be fixed with a bit of plastic and a few lines of code.

      VR is sadly still in its infancy.

    • For a list of decent games for Oculus Go / Gear VR check this wiki: []

      Many people find it attractive as a portable video player (both 2D and 3D).

      And then there is also an intriguing gimmick that is Oculus Home, which might gradually grow into a richer social VR, as envisioned in sci-fi classics like "Snow Crash" and "Ready Player One". []

  • You cant set it up at all, or access many functions, like bluetooth pairing without an iOS or Android device and the Oculus mobile app.
  • the thing that occurs to me most strongly is "Soothing beige cries out for skins - needs giant googly eyes in front."
  • This is essentially an upgraded Samsung Gear VR, and it can only run the Gear compatible apps.
    So if you've got a Google Cardboard, Google Daydream or a Samsung Gear already, well, you're not missing much here.
  • That's the price from the official store. does not offer it yet, and quotes a $83 shipping&duties surcharge. I guess I should wait for to figure out the logistics, or buy a used set.
  • I did want an Oculus Rift once I had the system for it, until they were bought by Facebook.
    That pretty much killed VR for me.

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