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Ssquared22 writes: The eight far-off realms in this article exist for different reasons. They could be developer test areas, or forgotten pieces of landscape that somehow made their way into the final code. Whatever their reason for being, they all have one thing in common: They weren't meant to be explored by the likes of you and me. But through persistence, hacks or some combination of the two, you can take in these rare delights for yourself. Pack your bags.
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Eight Videogame Places You're Not Supposed to Go

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  • I love hearing about these "places" because of the meta-gaming aspect of them. They push the boundaries of what's supposed to be real within the context of the game. Sometimes figuring out where they exist and how to get there is a test of skill and imagination; I found an accessible but apparently off-limits area among the rubble at the very end of "Sly Cooper 2" for instance. Seeing these "places" is also a way to learn a little more about how the game works, since you can say, "Oh, this piece of the scen

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