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Submission + - Importance of graphics in video games

An anonymous reader writes: Hi there. I am experienced in playing video games, and not so much in developing. I develop games as a hobby. I started playing master system games, and have experimented games in almost every platform available up to this day. For me, the gameplay is the most influential factor of a game, with history and graphics dividing the second place in the top influential factors to like a game. But for some reason, its not the technical beauty of the graphics that appeal to me. I have played crysis in maximum settings (but with 1024x768 resolution =P), and played pokémon games a lot. The graphics of the pokémon games please me in the same amount as the graphics of crysis. I think both are beautiful. So, why is the current generation of games giving so much importance to the realism in graphic games? Why the current gen could not be like the pokémon games art style and camera, but in 3d and with improved textures, objects detail and lightning? By doing so, they could save computing power and make things like radiosity, which for me is the graphical aspect that is most appealing. When I try to understand why I like those types of graphics, I came to the conclusion that is artistical aspect, and not the realism, that is important for me. In this way, I think it is sufficient for a game to have objects that are recognizable. For example, the water in crysis feels like water, as the water of pokémon games feels like water too (its obvious that crysis water RESSEMBLES a lot more real water). So, what are your opinions about the current direction in games graphics? Do you prefer easy to render 3d scenes that leave space for beautiful effects like radiosity, etc, or more complex 3d scenes that try to be realistic?
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Importance of graphics in video games

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