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Role Playing (Games)

Submission + - Games Fail to Portray Gender and Ethnic Diversity (tgdaily.com)

eldavojohn writes: A study has found that game characters usually reflect white males. The study from researchers across four universities found: 'A large-scale content analysis of characters in video games was employed to answer questions about their representations of gender, race and age in comparison to the US population. The sample included 150 games from a year across nine platforms, with the results weighted according to game sales. This innovation enabled the results to be analyzed in proportion to the games that were actually played by the public, and thus allowed the first statements able to be generalized about the content of popular video games. The results show a systematic over-representation of males, white and adults and a systematic under-representation of females, Hispanics, Native Americans, children and the elderly.' The researchers also notes that games 'function as crucial gatekeepers for interest in science, technology, engineering and math.' And that without these groups represented properly 'it may place underrepresented groups behind the curve.'
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Games Fail to Portray Gender and Ethnic Diversity

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