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PlayStation (Games)

Submission + - Ads retroactivley added to WipeoutHD, soon others

An anonymous reader writes: American users of WipeoutHD might have noticed that there's an advertisement showing up all of the sudden during loading. This both during online and offline play. This according to a poster on the well known gaming forum NeoGAF, is being done covertly. Though the writer suspects that said software was installed during update 2.01 and it's the ad-content that is now being snuck in. Gamasutra has a story on the company responsible for the software to sneak . And where Gamasutra notes that "Double Fusion said it plans to launch in-game advertising in "another handful" of PS3 games by the end of the year." So what is next, can we look forward to fighting the Kool-aid man and zombified Mars bars in Uncharted, or is there anything that can be done to hinder companies adding advertisements retroactively, without the customers prior knowledge?
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Ads retroactivley added to WipeoutHD, soon others

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