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Real Time Strategy (Games)

Submission + - Designer of indie MMO project, "Love", int (

PsxMeUP writes: "Love is a persistent online first-person shooter that will let players build structures, permanently manipulate the environment and share resources all in real-time. Action will be similar to a real-time strategy game as seen through the eyes of a grunt. Love is completely being designed by one single person, Mr. Eskil Steenberg, and GameObserver had a chance to interview him.

In the interview, Eskil talks about how all MMOs offer an egocentric experience where character growth is the most important aspect, and how he intends to change that. He also explains how mainstream MMOs have too many players, which basically trivializes accomplishments that have an impact on the entire server. "If you imagine Civilization where you invent your stuff or build new stuff, imagine playing one of those characters on the ground doing that. And being able to do something minute in your world and see that impact in the major world," Eskil explains when asked what his game will be like.

"I want to scare people in a direction that is different from this sort of me-centric style of games. It feels that pretty much all games are going into that Diablo direction of collecting and building up my characters, and it's all sort of very egocentric about creating your own powerful character," he clarifies when asked how his game will be different from other MMOs. "I think people should care about the environment because if they care about the environment — if they built something cool — other players will see that as well. To me the environment and making things that other players can experience is a lot more interesting than the idea of having something that is just fun for you as a single player."

The game is well into development and its designer has already posted some incredible gameplay demos. Levels, for instance, are all procedurally generated. The game also offers open-source tools, like UV editing, not a small feat considering the whole thing was designed by one man."

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Designer of indie MMO project, "Love", int

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