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Submission + - Visually disabled gamer sues Sony ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Visually disabled gamer sues Sony because game products allegedly violate the Americans With Disabilities Act. "According to the suit, Sony ignored repeated requests through postal mail and e-mail to come up with reasonable modifications to its games to make them more accessible" (;title;5). This suit seems to be a combination of National Federation of the Blind v. Target, which complained of inaccessibility to the visually disabled (which settled for $6 million) and Martin v. PGA Tour, Inc where the U.S. Supreme Court ruled a disabled golfer was entitled to a golf cart where one was not already allowed as a reasonable accommodation. If the Plaintiff wins, Sony will have to make "reasonable accommodations" which are not an "undue financial burden." In my humble opinion, providing access for the disabled is not only the right thing to do but it will generate more profit for Sony.
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Visually disabled gamer sues Sony

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