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Submission + - Did TiVo Succeed in Reinventing the DVR? ( 1

gjt writes: So last week Slashdotters looked at my submission entitled The Sad History and (Possibly) Bright Future of TiVo. TiVo just gave us a peak at that future. At their incredibly hyped up product unveiling atop Rockefeller Center in New York, TiVo unveiled it's first major new DVR product in 3.5 years — The new TiVo Premier. But will it do for TiVo, what the iPod did for Apple? Is it enough to turn around TiVo's ailing fortunes? I decided to pick apart the new product's specs and post the verdict.

The key takeaway seems to be that they've definitely improved their DVR. But they definitely did not live up to their own hype. HTPC geeks will probably still be disappointed.

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Did TiVo Succeed in Reinventing the DVR?

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  • >1990’s era modem is gone
    >About time! While Internet video STBs and Moxi are content to be broadband-only, it was kind of weird to a see a clunky RJ-11 jack on the back of TiVo in this day and age.

    Removal of a hardware port is a "High Point" and a "About time!" moment?

    Really? A "High Point"? Something NOT being there is a "High Point"?

    I was glad to be able to dial up with my TiVo when I was wrestling with getting it networked. Although that port is superfluous for most people, it was reassur

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