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Submission + - AMD multi-display tech has problems, potential ( 2

EconolineCrush writes: While AMD's Eyefinity multi-display gaming tech is undeniably impressive at first glance, digging deeper reveals key limitations. Some games work well, others not at all, and many are simply better suited to specific screen configurations. A three-way setup looks to be ideal from a compatibility perspective, and given current LCD prices, it's really not all that expensive. But would you take one over a single high-resolution display or a giant HDTV?
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AMD multi-display tech has problems, potential

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  • Multiple screens are no where near as useful as multiple computers.
  • personally, multi monitor didn't really sell me on Eyefinity.

    Multi projector however was a different story. awhile back I played around with three projectors in an eyefinity setup and with the right screen and room layout, it can be extremely immersible.

    I wouldn't call it a practical solution though since three projectors (and an wraparound screen which we don't have on campus) are not exactly cheap.

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