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Submission + - FOSS RTS Game Glest gets revival, enter Mega-Glest

Softhaus writes: Many readers here are likely familiar with the popular open source RTS game Glest ( which comes packaged with nearly every Linux distro. Unfortunately all development had ceased on the original game back in 2008 creating friction around the world due to a great loss felt worldwide (sets the stage for his shamless marketing pitch). During the past year a new fork (called Mega-Glest) has endeavoured to take this great game and bring it to the masses! This new fork will prove hours of fun at your next LAN party as it sports up to 8 players realtime (with or without CPU AI players) and the newly released v3.3.5 offers Internet play via a master server lobby. Cross platform network play is now a reality which could conceptually create world peace as angry gamers return to "real strategy" and walk away from their mindless fps's, finally bridging the gap between Linux and Windows users in a co-hesive manner. One of the best features of Mega-Glest (and indeed Glest itself) is the ease of which new "factions" and mod's may be produced via a Map editor, model viewer, Blender plugins, xml files which describe your units traits, particles, weapons etc. and to top it off LUA scripting for scenarios and AI.

Where can i get it? Full installers for windows, Linux 32 and 64 bit are waiting on sourceforge for you, promising hours of fun. But one warning, the game can become highly addictive.

Drop by the download page:

or visit the forums to tell us what your think:"
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FOSS RTS Game Glest gets revival, enter Mega-Glest

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