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Submission + - Epic games predicts console, mobile convergence (develop-online.net)

An anonymous reader writes: Given Ron Gilbert's comments about Apple I thought this was a timely antidote. After taking the stage at the Apple iPhone event in September, game developer Epic Games has finally revealed more about its plan to release Unreal Engine for the iOS devices. UE3 is incredibly popular on consoles, and its free UDK has been really great for us modders. In this new interview the engine boss Mark Rein says the developer envisions a future where all games devices are handhelds, with high-end processors inside: “It feels like there’s a great opportunity for game consoles to cease to be something you plug into the wall and rather become something you take with you. Of course it will be more than just your game console; you can have your productivity apps, your documents, and your media collections on it as well.”
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Epic games predicts console, mobile convergence

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