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arcticstoat writes: Hardware-accelerated gaming physics has been around as a concept for many years now, but it still hasn't really taken off. "I think one of the things I'm a little unhappy about is that, despite the tremendous amount of interest that we got out of Ageia, and all the hard work at Nvidia, physics is still not mainstream," says AMD's Manju Hegde, former co-founder of PhysX creator Ageia, as well as CUDA VP at Nvidia. According to Hegde, a large part of the problem with PhysX is its business model. "I think one of the issues is the model that we used, where we fixed an API and didn't allow games developers to adjust it, because we didn't want them to break the hardware acceleration," says Hegde. "It was definitely a model that's more hardware-centric for the vendor, rather than developer-centric for the content developer, and Havok by the way has a similar issue." According to Hegde, Bullet Physics offers a much more viable alternative for games developers, which could finally make GPU-accelerated physics mainstream. "Bullet is different," says Hegde, "they want you to do stuff yourself, they want you to use the API and do everything underneath it – they give you a set of functionalities, but that functionality is effectively more or less the same to everybody, and any differentiation comes from really how you use it in your game story."
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AMD Talks GPU Gaming Physics

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