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Submission + - The Full Story Behind the Canonical vs GNOME Drama (

supersloshy writes: "I've seen a lot of GNOME bashing for various reasons here on Slashdot as well as several other websites. The problem with all of this is that you never hear GNOME's side of the situation, making a lot of disrespectful comments about GNOME (or the others involved) rather baseless and illogical. Dave Nearyhas an excellently thorough blog post which details problems on all sides that make the issue much more complicated than "GNOME is being idiotic by not accepting our technology". The points covered in the blog post include, among others, how is broken as a standards body, that Mark Shuttlework doesn't understand how GNOME works, that GNOME is not easy to understand, and that open discussions from the very beginning are important for specification development and adoption. This blog post by "Sankar" also covers similar points while defending GNOME."
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The Full Story Behind the Canonical vs GNOME Drama

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