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Submission + - Mario Gets a Portal Gun in New Indie Game (

jjp9999 writes: Mario is armed with a portal gun in an indie game currently in development. It will be released for free and will include simultaneously multiplayer mode and downloadable map packs. The developer posted a video of the game in action on their website, showing the first level of the NES version of Mario, as he zaps portals around the map, dropping enemies down pits, shooting turtle shells through them at unexacting Goombas, and using the Portal-style high jump to launch himself. According to the developers, the game is not a mod, and is instead coded with Löve ‘so we don’t get stabbed by lawyers.’ They state they will release the source code for the game after its release, there will be a level editor embedded in the game, and there will also be some maps with ‘portly puzzles.’
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Mario Gets a Portal Gun in New Indie Game

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