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Submission + - Google Cancels Take-Your-Daughter-to-Gmail Day 1

theodp writes: The Washington Post's Elizabeth Flock managed to hold Google's feet to the fire and get an explanation of sorts for why it's making kids cry by disabling their Gmail accounts after years of use. Giving 12-year-olds access to Gmail — unless they are using Google Apps for Education accounts through their school — is proving to be as formidable a task for Google as making renewable energy cheaper than coal. But what about that viral 'Dear Sophie' commercial, asked Flock, in which a father creates a Gmail account for his baby daughter and uses it to send her photos, videos, and messages that chronicle her growing up? 'The implied understanding,' replied a Google spokesman, 'is that the girl in the story does not have access to the account, but that she will have access to it "someday"'.
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Google Cancels Take-Your-Daughter-to-Gmail Day

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  • by TheLink ( 130905 ) on Sunday December 18, 2011 @01:55PM (#38417644) Journal
    To keep her safe from the evil organizations and people online...

    Perhaps she's not "grown-up" enough to lie well enough about her age and other personal details to Google etc, to get what she wants from them.

    Once she's old enough to figure that out and do that on her own, IMO she doesn't need COPPA to protect her (the world might need protecting from her, but that's a different matter ;) ).

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