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Submission + - Google Publishes an Informal Web Threat Report (securityweek.com)

wiredmikey writes: While most of the major security vendors produce their own threat reports on an ongoing basis, Google hasn’t always shared the numbers behind what its Safe Browsing platform sees and blocks on an ongoing basis. On Tuesday, however, the search giant shared some interesting Web threat statistics, and while the information was not published as an official “threat report”, the company has provided some great insight into the growth of malicious activity across the Web.

Through built-in protection for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, Google said it protects approximately 600 million Internet users and issues several million warnings each day to those users. Google said it discovers about 9,500 new malicious websites every day – These sites could be either innocent sites that have been compromised by cybercriminals, or purpose-built sites designed for malware distribution or phishing. Approximately 12-14 million Google Search queries per day show warnings in order to caution users from going to sites that may be compromised, and provides malware warnings for about 300,000 downloads per day through its Chrome download protection service.

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Google Publishes an Informal Web Threat Report

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