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First Person Shooters (Games)

Submission + - New Alien Arena OpenSource FPS Released! (planetarena.org)

An anonymous reader writes: Alien Arena: Reloaded Edition has been released. Revitalized...and, well, reloaded!

This is a major release of this game, with many new features, and a veritable truckload of new high quality content. Every aspect of the game has been improved upon and expanded, from the engine, to the game code, weaponry, and overall gameplay.

Some of the new features for this release include:

Many new rendering features
Twelve new/rebuilt levels
Two new player characters, the Overlord and Warrior
Brand new "super" weapon, the Minderaser
Improved antilag code
"Simple" items rendering option
Improved and expanded movement
Improved Bot AI, particulary with CTF
New music, and music "shifts" in game situations
Variety of bug fixes and code cleansing

Alien Arena is a freeware deathmatch game that has been around for some time, and steadily evolved into what we feel is a leader among a crowded fps field. With it's smooth gameplay, balanced weapons, and rich, immersive arenas, the game is an artisticly cohesive tour de force in the genre. Alien Arena is free to download, free to play, and the code is open sourced, and that will never change.


Direct link — http://red.planetarena.org/files/trailer2k12.wmv



For more information about Alien Arena and to download the game visit http://red.planetarena.org/

Changelog — http://red.planetarena.org/aachangelogs/7.60.txt

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New Alien Arena OpenSource FPS Released!

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