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Submission + - Ouya Android Console Project Fails to Inspire Confidence (1up.com)

An anonymous reader writes: We recently talked about the 'Ouya' console — a conceptual Android-based gaming device that's have a massively successful Kickstarter campaign. While most people are excited about the prospect, this editorial at 1Up expressed some more realistic skepticism about the claims being made and the company's ability to meet those claims. From the article: 'Even if we set aside the issue of install base, one of Ouya's selling points could make developers wary of investing in it. Through the pitch video and on the Kickstarter page, Ouya emphasizes the ability to root the system and hack it without fear of voiding the warranty. With a standard USB port and Bluetooth support, it will be possible to use controllers and peripherals with it other than the one it comes with. What this also opens the door for is piracy and emulation. No doubt a chunk of the audience interested in Ouya are those intrigued by the idea of having a box that hooks up to a TV and can run Super Nintendo or Genesis emulators. Others will look at the system's open nature as an invitation to play its games for free; if it's as open as advertised, it should not be difficult to obtain and run illegally downloaded copies of Ouya games. ... even with the promise of including DRM of some kind, it's all but certain that dedicated hackers won't rest until Ouya's games are free-to-play in the most literal sense possible. And if it turns out that a portion — potentially a significant one — of the initial install base is there to do anything but spend money on games, that will not bode well for continued support from the developers who are bold enough to design or port games to Ouya at launch.'
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Ouya Android Console Project Fails to Inspire Confidence

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