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Submission + - SkyDrive account suspensions prove you can't trust cloud storage (blogspot.ca) 1

quantr writes: ""When cloud storage services started appearing they proved very popular, with Dropbox being the standout example of how easy and useful files in the cloud can be. The convenience of having an online storage pool you can access from any and all devices is great, and such services are only going to get more popular as we consume ever more digital content.

There is a problem, though. Each service has its own set of terms and conditions, and if you violate the rules, you could see your account suspended and access to your files cut off. This has recently been demonstrated by Megaupload being taken offline, but in that case all users lost their files, not just a few individuals.
This problem gets worse if the cloud storage service you use is linked to other services. One example of this is Microsoft’s SkyDrive, which is accessed through a Windows Live login that is also used for accessing Hotmail, Messenger, and Xbox Live. If your account gets suspended, you lose access to all those services.""

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SkyDrive account suspensions prove you can't trust cloud storage

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  • If your account is hacked, do you want the hacker to have access to your data which was important enough to put up in the cloud as a backup?

    The WindowsLive ID system which controls access to SkyDrive also controls access to all other Microsoft accounts. Microsoft provides single-signon validation so if your Hotmail has been hacked, your SkyDrive is also inaccessible. If you dislike that, then either create a second account just for SkyDrive or use a non-SkyDrive service for your cloud data.

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