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Submission + - Neuroscience may cure videogames industry's obsession with guns (edge-online.com)

An anonymous reader writes: "Leading developer, Chris Stevens, tells Edge magazine that neuroscience researchers will soon find "non-violent triggers to mimic the rush of pleasure gamers feel when firing guns". Researchers can now use functional MRI scanners to monitor what is going on in a player's brain and search for more optimistic and non-violent pleasure triggers. "For decades it’s as if developers have been driving a car with no speedometer,” Stevens claims, referring to the reliance on reported emotions rather than empirical measurements in game development. The functional MRI now gives a much more accurate indication of when peaceful triggers light up the brain's pleasure regions, opening up alternative game designs, without crude weaponry. “I would like to see many more beautiful games like Fez and Limbo," Stevens says. "When I was a kid, games were more beautiful and magical and immersed you in fantastical, peaceful and enjoyable landscape." The functional MRI could make these peaceful titles provably superior – no mean feat in a mass-market games industry currently obsessed with the crude dopamine-triggering effects of simulated weaponry.
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Neuroscience may cure videogames industry's obsession with guns

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